Associate Quality Assurance Engineer AT UNOPS

Under the overall supervision of the Project Manager, Kabul Security Cluster and Lead Quality Engineer for RSHQ, the Associate Quality Assurance Engineer will assist with the technical oversight of all projects under the cluster. S/He is expected to perform the following, but not limited to, duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist with the preparation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plans for new construction and rehabilitation works.
  • Monitor the implementation of the works by conducting site visits and provide guidance for improvement and good results.
  • Conduct all quality inspections and prepare required site instructions and reports. Supervise the quality control functions/activities of the project or its parts, including quality control inspection schedules and the collection of quality records.
  • Assist with the Control and appraise work progress, review contractors’ work plans and provide recommendations to the KSF Project Manager on ways to overcome issues, challenges and needs.
  • Conduct quality control reviews and prepare related reports for design and construction of works as required and facilitate the compilation of inputs for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Assist with guidance on project QA/QC plans and protocols for construction, construction equipment and materials.
  • Assist in the establishment of quality procedures including time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and materials.
  • Recommend specific quality standards and construction schedules, which are appropriate to all levels of RSHQ construction projects.
  • Provide technical input and assist Procurement with all contractual matters for the completion of the respective contracts.
  • Review all standards to be used during laboratory tests, QA/QC testing schedules and procedures.
  • Review contractor practices and conventional methodologies and make recommendations where remedial action is required.
  • Check accuracy of outputs produced in compliance with established quality standards.
  • Recommend assistance to contractors to ensure that the most economical and appropriate quality materials and methods are utilized.
  • Recommend solutions to quality issues and identify where improvements or rectification is warranted.
  • Plan for health and safety and environmental management in coordination with the programme and Country Office teams.
  • Ensure UNOPS standards of Health and Safety, and environmental management across all project locations are systematically applied at all times.
  • Conduct other tasks as assigned by the Project Manager.

Monitoring and Progress Controls

  • Establish procedures with time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and all other QC/QA requirements of KSF Projects and Tasks.
  • Implement and monitor quality assessments.
  • Prepare monthly/weekly QA/QC reports

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