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The MENTOR Initiative (MENTOR) is a “not for profit”, charitable, non-governmental organization devoted to reducing death and suffering from malaria and other tropical diseases in humanitarian crises. MENTOR is currently providing ongoing emergency support to the most vulnerable communities in Angola, Mozambique, South Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR), Syria and Southern Chad.

MENTOR has worked in CAR since 2008, instigating an effective and innovative community healthcare approach across the North West of the country. This approach allows for primary healthcare to be delivered in locations in the most remote rural communities. the MENTOR Initiative has been setting up networks of community health workers (CHWs) in the sub-prefectures of Paoua, Bocaranga, Koui and Ngaoundaye (Ouham Pendé prefecture) as well as in Markounda, Batangafo, Nangha Boguila and Nana Bakassa (Ouham Prefecture). Additionally, primary health structures are supported by MENTOR in all these sub-prefectures. More than 170,000 children were treated in 2017 by MENTOR teams through the provision of basic healthcare for malaria and other common diseases at community level. MENTOR’s community healthcare approach has identified several major challenges that need to be addressed, including the continued improvement of the quality of services, innovation in supervision, secondary curative care and training, all to be improved in line with new and innovative indicators.

Overall Job Purpose

The Base Coordinator (Head of Base) is overseeing program implementation (community-based health care) in the Ouham Prefecture, as well as directly responsible for the management of the field base for all above mentioned MENTOR operations in North Western CAR. The Base Coordinator reports to the Country Director (CD) and works in close collaboration with the field medical coordinators. He/she is the direct line manager for all local staff members (of which some respond functionally to relevant program coordinators).

The main responsibilities of this post are as follows:

Security Management**

· In close collaboration with the Country Director and the logistics coordinator, the Base Coordinator is responsible for overall security management in a highly unstable area.

· Ensure effective networking and in-depth and regular information collection on the situation in the sub-prefectures under his/her responsibility.

· Oversee that security related logistical support for the operations is functional. All deficiencies must be reported immediately by the Base Coordinator to the Logistics Coordinator and the Country Director.

· Brief the Country Director regularly on the security situation in the area of responsibility and provide input to the MENTOR Initiative security guidelines for CAR as requested by the Country Director or the Logistics Coordinator.

· As per instructions from the Country Director, oversee and manage any security incidents in the sub-prefectures under his/her responsibility – including evacuation or hibernation of staff.

· Ensure the strict respect of organizational security guidelines and annexes (vehicle usage, curfew, appropriate behavior etc.) by all MENTOR team members working from the base, and any people visiting or being hosted at the base. Any lack of respect of these rules must be reported immediately to the Country Director.

· Support the timely updating of security guidelines and annexes as required

· Ensure any security incidents and infringements of security guidelines and annexes are appropriately investigated and reports provided for submission to donors where necessary.

Operational support

· With support from the Logistics Coordinator, the Finance Coordinator and the Country Director, the Base Coordinator ensures that the MENTOR base operates on the basis of MENTOR’s existing procedures.

· Assist the Finance Coordinator and the Country Director with the proper implementation of MENTOR finance field systems to ensure that timely and accurate financial reporting is sent to the team in Bangui as required as well as oversee adequate cash flow and regular follow up on budget expenditure and planning.

· Oversee that standard MENTOR administrative procedures and forms are adhered to and used for regular administrative matters. This includes, as per requirements, the drafting of MoUs (approved by the Head Quarter and signed by the Country Director) with relevant local authorities as well as with partner’s organization.

· In close collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the Country Director, ensure proper implementation of logistics procedures for warehousing and asset management, fleet and fuel management, communications systems and maintenance, local procurement and overall program logistics support for program activities.

· With the assistance from the Finance Coordinator and the Country Director, ensure that Human Resources management systems for the MENTOR mission in Central African Republic are adhered to through transparent recruitment procedures, respect of internal rules and regulations, performance reviews, complaints systems, salary scale, local payroll etc.

· With support from the Country Director, overall responsible for the respect and adherence by expat and local team members present in the base to the MENTOR code of conduct including policies in regard to sexual harassment.

· Direct line manager of MENTOR employed national operational support staff based and ensures that work schedules and action plans are developed and adhered to.

· To ensure that the Code of Conduct and Safeguarding guidelines are adhered to by all staff at all times and regular training takes place to ensure that all expat and local staff fully understand the level of behavior expected of them.

Program support**

With technical support from the Program Coordination team, the Base Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Field Medical Coordinator to oversee the successful implementation of primary health care activities (community based and at health facility level).


· Internal:

o Organize regular general team meetings, technical meetings as well as operational support meetings

o Be an open, communicative and accessible line manager to all stuff under your jurisdiction

o Provide input to MENTOR internal situation reports

o Provide regular written updates on the security situation to the Country Director and the Logistic Coordinator.

o Participate actively in regular management team meetings in the capital.

· External:

o Assist the CD with field related information for external reports and/or donor proposals.

o Participate in external meetings related to general or security context

o Organize and participate in technical meetings with health stakeholders in the target area.

o Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc with relevant stakeholders.

o Provide support during agreed media and/or donor related field visits as required by the Country Director


· With support from the Country Director, the Finance Coordinator and the Logistic Coordinator, oversees the implementation and respect of all administrative, logistical and security aspects linked to a direct collaboration with partner organizations that may co-habit for a certain period of time at the MENTOR base.

· Any other duties as may be assigned by the Country Director.

Job requirements

· At least 2 years field experience as base coordinator or similar position

· Familiarity with NGO working environments and standard procedures

· Solid prior experience working in complicated security contexts an advantage

· Knowledge of donor procedures

· Experience working with SAGA is an asset

· Organized and good coordination / management skills

· Excellent communication skills

· Fluency in French

· English language skills considered as an advantage

· Team player

· Proven capacity to train others

· Flexible and willing to learn

6 Month Contract

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