In Liaison with the CFK- Africa program and Research team at the national level, the consultant will,

a) Conduct Literature review/Desk review on the general RNMCAH including the functionality, scope, and competency of community health actors, the feasibility of using SMS and social media campaigns to reach couples and/or youth, feasibility of group ANC and existing gaps in the community health system in Kenya program areas.

b) Develop a survey protocol to be submitted to IRB (including finalization of data collection methods, review of population statistics, calculation of the sample size, determination of cluster and respondent selection procedures, and development of an efficient survey schedule) in consultation with CFK-Africa research team.

c) Develop a final plan to operationalize the data collection in the field, including the training and supervision of data collectors and data management and flow

d) Complete first stage sampling, including obtaining lists of clusters in target area and selecting clusters systematically proportional to population

e) Develop tools, translate and finalize them to be uploaded to the digital mobile platform (ONA or KOBO)

f) Train enumerators from the CFK-Africa selected local geographies in Kenya

g) Implementation of the survey, including daily supervision of survey teams and daily data quality checks and data cleaning and analysis for reporting. This includes daily data uploading on digital data gathering devices (ONA-ODK or KOBO) used by CFK.

h) Conduct data collection using CFK-Africa’s data collection tools through surveys, data extraction, and/or other developed methods including key informant interviews and focus group discussion with key partners and stakeholders on CFK-Africa programs in the selected Counties of Kenya.

i) Develop report of the findings that will include qualitative and quantitative with recommendations on the programming and scale up.

3. Deliverables;

a) Inception report detailing the design, methodology, tools, work plan and budget

b) Data collection tools and data set

c) Draft and final Base-line Survey Reports

d) Copies of original and cleaned data sets including field notes, audio tapes, and transcribed material

Please note that the contents of the report will be analyzed and final payment will only be made upon agreement on the final Baseline Survey Report from the CFK Africa office in Nairobi.

How to apply

All applicants should include the following:

a) Cover letter

b) Technical proposal: The technical proposal should include i) brief explanation about the consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work ii)Understanding of TOR and the task to be accomplished iii)proposed methodology and d)draft work/implementation plan

c) A written indicative submission on understanding of ToR, Methodology / approach the consultant will use; time and time-bound activity schedule, financial issues (budget, number of people he/she will hire, costs per activity line – people, logistics etc)

d) Organization (if it is a company applying) or personal capacity statement (if it is an individual that will hire data collectors)

e) References

f) Resume Applications with non-returnable CVs, testimonials and 2 samples of previous work related to this assignment (baseline survey reports) should be submitted on or before 25/08/2021 via email to

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