Community engagement coordinator at CARE

The Community engagement and partnership coordinator will work closely with the community based protection manager to lead the implementation of community engagement scheme implementation in Azraq camp, which includes margining the daycares in the community centers, psychosocial activities implementation, livelihood activities, recreational and sport activities, also will lead the field level coordination for the direct implementation of the Activities component. This will include planning and managing all activities implementation in the four villages in Azraq camp, managing and supervising community engagement sector staff, implementation, planning, oversight of component assets, stakeholder engagement and community liaison, monitoring and analysis of programmatic data. The community engagement coordinator will ensure that the selection of beneficiaries, and their volunteering opportunities takes place according to the agreed Standard Operation Procedures agreed on in Azraq camp. The Community engagement coordinator should be committed to support and to feed into program design, community engagement activities scheme implementation, updating statistics, learning and evaluation, and communication and establish external relationships with other stakeholders in Azraq camp.

Additionally, the community engagement coordinator will be managing the partnership activities by developing new partnership channels with local/international parties, managing the current partnership activities in the programme, by ensuring that the partnership component is running according to CARE agreements, polices, and standards.

The Community engagement coordinator oversees the proper implementation of activities scheme implementation under the community based protection program at Azraq camp, in collaboration with other team members of the program.

More specifically, the Community engagement activities coordinator will supervise a team of staff that will implement the following activities in all areas of the Azraq Camp:

  • Implementing activities sessions inside the selected spaces.
  • Document all requirements related to the activities (TG list, attendance sheets… etc.
  • prepare the trainings requirements, (attendees list, training forms, materials… etc.
  • Manage and update component database.


Job Responsibility #1 Planning, monitoring and reporting:

30***% of time

· Coordinate and document all Community engagement activities including beneficiary’s selection with criteria, community capacity and coordination Reviews and provide the updates to the CBP manager by weekly.

· Developing and tracking the costed work plan for the activity component based on the budget by monthly.

· Develop detailed project work plans that are aligned with Programme timelines and targets, and follows activities Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Community engagement activities reports progress to CBP manager, and contributes to internal monthly reports.

· Review consultation development and selection requirements for implementing the activities planned, determining scheme’s requirements and TORs.

· Provide input into the design of Community engagement activities coordination system, including activities implementation, Opportunities distribution, and overall requirements.

· Implement the market assessment tools and needs.

· Maintains all relevant project documents in electronic and paper files (reports, contracts, agreements, correspondence, meeting notes, training materials, etc.)

· Provide monthly recommendations to feed the related working groups in the camp and any other platform.

· Developing IBVs TORs for the available opportunities in Community engagement activities.

· Implement all the required quality assurance procedures to ensure the quality, transparency, and accuracy of registered data.

Job Responsibility #2: Personnel Management (20%)

§ Supervises, leads, guides, orients, trains, coaches and supports his team members (i.e. assistances).

§ Provides team leadership and motivational support to his team through daily supervision, regular team meetings, and learning and reflection events.

§ Ensures that all his staff have appropriate individual operational plans linked to project component priorities;

§ Completes all performance management activities including: talent management, performance planning, monitoring, ongoing feedback and annual performance appraisals;

§ In coordination with the CBP manager, identifies and pursues opportunities for the human resource development of his staff and promotes cross visits to improve familiarisation with new technical strategies and attendance at relevant technical training workshops.

§ Builds the technical and managerial capacity of his staff in planning and implementing activities effectively and efficiently. In particular, identifies skills gaps and provides training as required (e.g. project management, reporting, community mobilization/participation/development, gender mainstreaming, and so on).

Job Responsibility # 4 Coordination, Liaison and Outreach with Project Staff, Components, Partners and Other Interested Organization: 25% of Time

20 % of the time

· Promote coordination with all relevant actors involved in CBP activities.

· Ensure that summaries of meetings, seminars or workshops attended is written, well documented and share with the CBP Manager.

· Properly documents the achievements and lessons of the component activities and disseminates to other stakeholders.

· Works as a team player providing relevant information assistance to the other components coordinators and ensuring the CBL component is interlinked with other component.

· Maintains contacts and effective communication with key actors involved in the camp (UNHCR, other NGOs and agencies, Government departments).

· Report on all meetings and develop ways to involve lessons learned.

· Participate and if necessary organizes coordination between different donors, agencies and organizations to enhance the impact of CARE’s work through good coordination.

Job Responsibility # 4 Ensuring community participation, promoting women’s empowerment, applying CARE standards:

5 % % of time

· Makes sure that project activities are performed in line with CARE standards including key humanitarian standards as set out in the SPHERE and IASC guidelines.

· Ensures that gender considerations are taken into account at all stages of the project cycle from design through implementation to evaluation;

· Ensures the participation of the community in all stages of the project cycle.

Job Responsibility # 5 Coordination, liaison and outreach with camp UNHCR partners, sector stakeholders and other interested organization:

15% of time

  • Coordinate with other components under Azraq programme to implement communications and community engagement strategies.
  • Coordinate with community mobilization components on all community-related matters, ensuring the areas of the component are working well together.
  • Participate in the information dissemination sessions conducted by CARE, by representing the Community engagement component, and distribute the required data for this sector.

5 % % of time

Responsibility # 6 Emergency Response / Staff Security

· Take a lead role in facilitating timely, quality administrative support function delivery in the time of emergency response.

· Guides and supports management on staff security concerns

· Promote a safe and secure work environment; foster a safety and security culture; and ensure consistent application of, and compliance with, CARE Jordan safety and security policies and procedures

Job Responsibility #5 other duties and Responsibilities assigned by the supervisor:

5% of Time


A. Education / Training


University degree in social sciences, community development, statistics, or human rights field.

B. Managerial Know How

Involves integrating and harmonizing requirements of diverse functions in operating, support, and administrative situations. It may be exercised through consultation as well as direct action; Management requires a combination of planning, organizing, controlling, and reviewing along with direct and indirect execution. Choose one of the following: Task; Minimal; Related; Diverse; Broad.

This position requires (Minimal) managerial know-how.

C. Experience Required:

· Approximately 4 years of experience supporting programs in the field(s) of Community Engagement, livelihood activities, and or sub-partner management. NGO experience preferred.

· Demonstrated experience with capacity building and training desirable

· Experience working closely with other NGOs and donors.

· Computer skills, in particular email, Microsoft Word and Excel

· Fluency in Arabic and English, both written and spoken.

D. Skills Required

  • Basic project management skills
  • Good communication skills in dealing effectively with interlocutors
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences;
  • Ability to work in a difficult and stressful environment;
  • Firm belief in teamwork, gender equality and participatory approach.


Training and facilitation skills.

E. Human relations skills

Consists of active practicing skills in the area of human relationships. In the work context Human Relations Skills include all capabilities that are needed to interact on a direct person-to-person basis, and through varied approaches build understanding of, acceptance of, or commitment to, courses of action that are important for the organization. These skills may be applied in relation to peers, subordinates or peers within the organization, or to people outside the organization. Human relations skills could be Basic, Important (Influencing) or Critical (See Guidelines for definitions).**

The Human Relations Skills for this position are designated as Basic.**


CARE Core Competencies:

· Respect – Behaving in a manner that reflects a true belief in and appreciation for the dignity and potential of all human beings. Gaining other people’s confidence and setting an environment of trust and openness.

· Integrity – Maintaining social, ethical, and organizational norms; firmly adhering to codes of conduct and ethical principles inherent to CARE.

· Commitment to Service – this competency is woven throughout all aspects of the employee’s performance.

· Excellence – Setting high standards of performance for self and/or others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed; ensuring interactions and transactions are ethical and convey integrity.

· Diversity – Promoting, valuing, respecting and fully benefiting from each individual’s unique qualities, background, race, culture, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyle, perspectives or interests; creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes diversity.

Other desired Competencies:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • building partnership,
  • stress tolerance,
  • problem solving,
  • managing performance for success,
  • communicating with impact,
  • innovation,

· Planning and monitoring.


Thinking Environment: Standardized

Thinking Challenge: Patterned.**


Is the answerability for actions and for their consequences? It is the measured effect of the job or position on end results. It has three dimensions in the following order of importance: Freedom to Act; Impact on End Results; and Magnitude.

A) Freedom to Act is the degree to which personal or procedural control and guidance for work (or lack thereof) exists. This is a function of the organizational framework, the personnel and policy direction, and the flows, processes, and systems that are established in the organization. Choose one of the following: Limited; Prescribed; Controlled; Standardized; Regulated; Clearly Directed; Generally Directed; Guided; or Strategically Guided. (See Guidelines for definitions).

· This position would be designated as Standardized

B) Impact on End Results considers the principal nature of the job’s influence on end results, which ranges from very direct control to very indirect support. Choose the Impact category that reflects the basic purpose of the job most clearly. Ancillary; Contributory; Shared; Primary (See Guidelines for definitions).

· This position would be Contributory

C) MagnitudeFinancial: What parts of CARE’s revenue and/or expenses are impacted by the job’s primary goals? Use current fiscal year amounts. e.g. project budget, fundraising or contract goal, budget managed or monitored, donations processed, purchases made, contracts negotiated/signed, benefits costs.

· What is the $/EUR amount related to job’s primary goals? 00000**

· What is the $/EUR amount of signing authority for this position? 0000000


List the primary external and internal relationships, which the employee is expected to maintain. State the purpose of these interactions.

Position Title

Relationship Purpose


CBP Manager

Direct Report


Other NGOs


  • Travel: This position will be based in Azraq Camp and may require travelling to CAREs’ Offices or Suppliers when there is a need.
  • Safety and Security: CARE’s Safety and Security Officer is available for advice and guidance. **

How to apply

Please note that it is a temporary assignment (Maternity coverage) 2 months contract duration only.…

CARE International in Jordan places human dignity at the center of its relief and development work. At the heart of CARE’s efforts to impact poverty and social justice is its engagement with marginalized communities, and vulnerable adults and children.

CARE International in Jordan is an Equal Opportunity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or disability. care is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will do everything possible to ensure that only those that are suitable to work within our values are recruited to work for us.

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