Consultancy to Undertake an Analysis of the Status of Member Associations Youth Networks in the ESEAOR RegionAt International Planned Parenthood Federation

Overview of IPPF

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a global healthcare provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all. We are a worldwide federation of national organizations working with and for communities and individuals in more than 140 countries, providing an integrated package of SRHR services through approximately 65,000 service points worldwide. IPPF seeks to influence governments and other key decision-making bodies to achieve policy and legislative changes that support and defend SRHR. IPPF also conducts a range of education, awareness and empowerment programmes that supports its crucial mandate of SRHR for all.

The East & South East and Oceania Region (ESEAOR) is one of IPPF’s six regions and comprises 22 Member Associations (MAs) and three collaborative partners. A regional office based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and a sub-regional office in Suva, Fiji, serves as the regional secretariat for the 25 associations and partners.


Empowering young people in the realization of their sexual and reproductive health and rights is a strategic priority of IPPF. Young people have a voice and decision-making role at all levels of IPPF, and an increasing number of MAs involve young volunteers in service provision. Within the Strategic Framework (2016-2022), IPPF prioritizes youth-centred approaches, including tailored, youth-friendly services and rights-based Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) that integrates gender equality into the learning material.

For IPPF to transform into a youth-centred organization, IPPF needs to develop formal structures for youth engagement. This includes equipping national and regional youth networks with knowledge, skills, and financial support to lead local initiatives in support of SRHR and increase the role of young people in reaching the goals of our strategic framework.

There is an urgent need to develop a deeper understanding on the functioning of MA youth networks and delivery of youth-led and related activities in their respective countries. This will provide helpful insight to develop a framework or an approach of engaging young people at all levels. This review will also help support the next steps for IPPF on strengthening ESEAOR regional youth network as a collective youth-led space meaningfully engaged in IPPF’s strategic direction and priorities. The network will also serve as a platform for young people to raise adolescent and youth SRHR issues to the regional and global levels.

Purpose of the consultancy

This consultancy aims to undertake a regional review of the status of the MA youth networks in ESEAOR and design tools that will support expanding youth engagement and youth centredness in MAs.

The Consultant will develop a set of assessment tools and conduct interviews with MAs, Regional Office staff and external regional youth SRHR networks to understand the engagement of young people at the regional and MA levels. In particular, we want to know the current structures on engaging young people and any gaps and challenges with current work, as well as strengths and opportunities. Also, the to look at the roles of young people across MA governance, programme planning and management, implementation, monitoring, advocacy and communication. As part of the assessment, the Consultant will collect good practice case studies on meaningful youth engagement.

Based on the findings of the regional assessment, the Consultant will design a brief guidance note to help MAs undertake an internal consultation to discuss the findings and recommendations of the review and develop a plan of action for implementation. A guidance note will also be developed to support MAs in expanding youth engagement and youth-centredness.

Target audience: Primarily, IPPF Member Associations and IPPF Secretariat staff.

Roles and responsibilities

Consultant’s specific roles and responsibilities:

  1. Prepare a regional review report and twenty-five country-level reports. The work will include consolidation and summary of available evidence through a desk review, online survey, and interviews with key stakeholders.
  2. Consultation meeting with global and regional youth leads to understand the other regions perspectives and strategies on meaningful youth engagement.
  3. Document detailed good practise case studies on meaningful youth engagement
  4. Develop a brief guidance note to be used by MAs to undertake consultation and develop an action plan to address the challenges and issues identified in the review.
  5. Develop a guidance note for MAs on expanding youth engagement and youth centredness
  6. Present the key findings of the report to IPPF staff and revise them to incorporate feedback and inputs.

Key Deliverables

  1. Regional review report – summary desk review, online survey, and interviews
  2. Four good practice MA case studies on meaningful young engagement
  3. Brief guidance note for MAs to undertake consultation and develop an action plan
  4. Guidance note for MAs on expanding youth engagement and youth centredness
  5. PowerPoint presentation of the key findings of the review

Consultancy Activities

The Consultant will work closely with the IPPF Regional Office to agree on the consultancy methodology and obtain key contacts.

Reporting to: Jameel Zamir– Director Programmes & Performance, IPPF ESEAOR

Selection criteria

  1. The Consultant should have experience of engagement with youth groups on activism and youth-led action.
  2. Previous experience working at IPPF is highly desirable.
  3. Experience in writing youth consultancy reports is highly desirable.
  4. Outstanding oral and written English communication skills.
  5. Knowledge of SRHR and gender equality is highly desirable.
  6. Knowledge of another language is highly desirable.

How to apply


Commencement date: 1st September 2021

Anticipated completion date: 30th October 2021

Time Commitment:

Approximately 25 full working days during the assignment period

Factors that may affect completion date:

Availability of IPPF Secretariat and Member Association staff for consultation.

Availability of IPPF staff to engage in consultations, review drafts and provide feedback and input into the draft report.

Expression of interest

Please email your application package by 20th August COB with “IPPF Youth network” in the subject line to Ms Pauziah Ali, Senior Human Resource Officer, at

The application should include the following documents in English:

  1. Expression of interest responding to the requirements of the consultancy opportunity, including daily rate
  2. Curriculum vitae.
  3. At least one example of a written publication, article or resource
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