Consultancy: Trainer(s) specialist Early childhood intervention/detection at Doctors of the World – Belgium

  1. Position Information

Post title (external consultant(s)): Trainer(s) specialist Early childhood intervention/detection (ECI/ECD)

Employer: Médecins du Monde ASBL – Doctors of World VZW

Programme: Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee in Medjimurje County” – OUTREACH 4 EQUALITY – Outreach ECI/ECD Community-Based Services for young children, birth through seven years of age, who have or are at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities, and their families in the Medjimurje County

Location: Međimurje County, Croatia

  1. Background Information and Rationale

Founded in 1997 by the gynaecologist Marie Bruyns in 1997 “Médecins du Monde ASBL – Dokters van Wereld VZW” (MDM-BELGIQUE) is an international medical development Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Brussels, Belgium and is part of the international MDM network. MDM-BELGIQUE’s vision is a world where obstacles to health are overcome and where the right to health is effective through real universal health coverage. It is primarily based on the strong belief that each human being has the right to timely and adequate healthcare and as stated in the article 25 of the United National Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services”. In line with key humanitarian principles, MDM-BELGIQUE’s beneficiaries are treated by MDM-BELGIQUE’s staff/volunteers following the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. Additionally, MDM-BELGIQUE’s actions are based on the three pillars of the organization, which are: 1) Care (give people real access to healthcare without barriers), 2) Testimonies (gain facts about healthcare realities and disseminate them), 3) Sustainable change. MDM-BELGIQUE is currently active in Belgium and seven other countries: Croatia, Bosnia-and-Hercegovina, Congo, Tunisia, Niger, Mali, and Morocco.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia in August 2016, the organization MDM-BELGIQUE started to provide to asylum seekers healthcare and mental health support in both Asylum seekers facilities of the country (Zagreb and Kutina, Croatia). Since end 2019, MDM-BELGIQUE extended its activities in the country to Roma community in Međimurje County.

Trainer specialist Early childhood intervention/detection (ECI/ECD)’ position is funded through programme ““Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee in Medjimurje County” – OUTREACH 4 EQUALITY – Outreach ECI/ECD Community-Based Services for young children, birth through seven years of age, who have or are at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities, and their families in the Medjimurje County” (OUTREACH 4 EQUALITY) funded by the European Union and MDM-BELGIQUE being Implementing Partner of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Croatia Country Office). The programme’s main goal is to contribute to the overall objective of the programme “Phase III: Testing the Child Guarantee in Međimurje County” that children (0-7 years old) have access to integrated, multidisciplinary, adequately resourced community and family-based support services, pre-primary education and early childhood intervention. The main hypothesis is that: early detection and support of young children, birth through seven years of age, who have or are at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities and their families in an integrated/coordinated way (health, education, social protection) will improve development outcomes of children, and reduce equity gaps and social exclusion of children and families, while also reducing the medium- and long-term costs in the health, education and social sector.

The programme will combine various levels of actions: first, an ambitious outreach programme that will identify and provide families with information about their child’s development, offer them information about (other) resources that are available in the community, as well as support in accessing specialized services when needed. The Child Find concept will be implemented on identifying, locating and assessing children suspected of having a delay in development. If a young child is not meeting typical developmental milestones, the team will determine if there is a need for early intervention or other services. The programme will also reinforce/empower local community capacities through training/supervisions but also by directly implementing a pilot model inside local community/ies; taking stock of its impact/results/challenges and lessons learnt with the medium-term objective to institutionalise it, make it sustainable and eventually extend/replicate it in other local communities in Croatia and/or abroad. Furthermore, the results of piloting outreach community-based model will inform the process of developing early childhood intervention (ECI) Action Plan/Framework for the Međimurje County, as well as the national process of developing ECI system under the auspices of cross-sectoral ECI Committee under the Ministry of health.

As part of programme, MDM-BELGIQUE is seeking Trainer(s) specialist Early childhood intervention/detection (ECI/ECD), as external consultant(s), to conduct training programme for its field team composed of MdM ECI/ECD community workers (4) and MdM ECI/ECD outreach professionals (1 nurse, 1 psychologist and 1 ECI/ECD outreach assistant).



How to apply

VII. Submission of applications

Interested trainer(s) must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications to Julie Cellier :

(i) Cover letter(s) explaining why they are the most suitable candidate(s) for the assignment

(ii) Updated CV(s)

(iii) A brief methodology on how they will conduct the training programme

(iv) Financial proposal: The applicant shall present a detailed financial proposal, with a detailed cost breakdown: (i) Professional fees (daily consultancy rate, number and level of professionals on the proposed team included in the quotation); (ii) Travel-related expenses (including international and local travel; travel cost must be the most economical and most direct route, economy class air ticket only); (iii) Translation (if applicable), and (iv) Accommodation costs arising from planned visits, as well as other costs related to administrative tools, translations, communication, etc. Please provide the all-inclusive price to deliver professional services in accordance with the Terms of Reference. The price must include all costs to be borne by the applicant for undertaking the specific assignment.

Final date of receipt of the application files: 20/06/2021 at 23h59 p.m. Brussels time

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