Consultant needed for Organizational Assessment of the Finance and Administrative Structures and Processes of SEND Sierra Leone

Terms of Reference

Organizational Assessment of SEND Sierra Leone Finance and Administrative Structure and Processes

Overview of the Terms of Reference (ToR)

This ToR outlines the process to facilitate an organizational assessment of SEND Finance and administrative structures and processes to recommend measures and strategies to strengthen financial policies and procedures for robust financial management. It defines how the Consultancy will identify and develop realistic capacity development strategies and establish an implementation plan over a reasonable period. It further provides clarity on the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the TOR. It also clarifies available resources and support services available to ensure standards and value-added to SEND.

Brief background of Social Enterprise for Development Sierra Leone (SEND-SL)

SEND is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to creating a Sierra Leone with respect for human rights, accountable governance, food and nutrition security, and equal opportunities for men and women to thrive. We liaise with communities, traditional authorities, government institutions, and partners to combine resources to develop innovative solutions to alleviate poverty and enhance quality self-reliance.

SEND Sierra Leone has adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide national development planning and implementation with our strategic approach. The pursuit of economic equality and social equity mainstreamed in the SDGs. Our commitment to the government is to improve the delivery of social services, strengthen gender and social inclusion, and prioritize education for improvement.

SEND intervention districts are Kailahun, Kenema, Kono, Western Area Rural, Western Area Urban, Bonthe, and most recently, expansion to the district of Bo. Our portfolio includes community development, WaSH, health, nutrition/agriculture and women’s empowerment.

Project Context

SEND is implementing the “More than a Woman: Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics and Governance” project with funds from the Government of Ireland. The project 2

contributes to the SDGs Goals 5 and 16, the Sierra Leone National Development Plan of 2019-2023 (SLNDP) and lessons learned from previous actions of SEND and Irish Aid in Sierra Leone to empower Sierra Leonean women to achieve more for gender equality. One of the key deliverables of the Irish Aid funded project is to support SEND to undertake an organizational capacity assessment of its financial management practices and policies to recommend measures for strengthening the financial system for organizational viability and sustainability.

Objectives of the Assignment

This Consultancy will achieve the following;

• facilitate an organizational assessment of SEND finance and administrative structure and processes to recommend measures for capacity strengthening and improvement.

• To identify and develop realistic, feasible and time-bound capacity development strategies implemented over a realistic period.


• Desk Review: A desk study of SEND current Financial policies and practices, Strategic Plan, and other relevant financial documents that guide the organization’s operation.

• Internal review workshop with finance, administrative and senior management staff to discuss financial management practices

• One-on-one discussion with finance and administrative staff, programme staff, Board members and senior programme staff etc. The Consultant may also propose additional methodological actions/approaches for the accomplishment of the assignment

Scope of Work

SEND seeks to recruit a national or international consultant to facilitate an organizational assessment of SEND finance and administrative structure and processes to recommend measures for improvement between July and August 2021. The Consultant will work closely with SEND Finance Director, who will support the process through coordination

Key Tasks and Deliverables

The Consultancy achieves the following:

• Comprehensively assess the organization’s (SEND) capacity on finance and administrative structure and processes to govern itself, deliver on its mandate and relate internally and externally. Mainly, the assessment will focus on finance and administration structure and operations, quality assurance in terms of organizational and external policies

• Assess the strength, weaknesses, expertise and other related capacity of the finance and the administrative staff of the organization

• Develop capacity-building strategies and capacity building plans, including prioritized capacity needs, capacity building modalities and timeline, etc.

• Submit a capacity assessment report to SEND, including findings, conclusions and recommendations, and a detailed capacity building plan.

• Facilitate a 1-day SEND internal review workshop with relevant technical and administrative SEND staff


• Submit to SEND an inception report including the work plan, methodology, reporting format, timeline, etc., to conduct the assessment. The Consultant is required to present this inception report to the SEND Management and senior.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Consultant will be responsible for the following;

• Strict adherence to contract terms, work schedule, staff availability and communicating clearly to SEND in case of delays and lapses

• Closely working with SEND to ensure effective and efficient delivery of the assignment quality outputs on time.

• Execute the assignment with utmost skill and care and within a reasonable time.

• Secure the necessary equipment, transport facilities to enable execution of the obligations under the contract.

• Ensure that all information received from SEND and other relevant persons contacted in fulfilling this assignment is kept confidential and proprietary.

SEND will be responsible for the following

• Provide timely feedback on the assignment methodology.

• Attend assignment update meetings.

• Provide liaison assistance to obtain any other information and documents required by the Consultant is considered essential for the proper execution of the assignment.

• Assist the Consultant to contact relevant respondents or staff involved in the meetings, preparations and consultations.

• Manage the Consultancy, including; developing and finalizing the terms of reference, reviewing and finalizing the methodology and monitoring the delivery of milestones.

• Pay the agreed sums as spelt out in the contract.

Fees and expenses

The Consultant shall quote the fees of this work in the bid for this Consultancy. 50% of the consultancy amount is paid after signing this contract. The balance payment is paid when the Consultancy is completed successfully. This amount is subject to 5.5% withholding tax Or Professional Services tax of 10%

Time frame

The Consultant performs this contract within 14 working days. The duration of the assignment is delivered as follows:

Summary of Deliverables and their estimated timelines


Submission of the inception report- 1 day

Presentation of inception report (Including preparation)-1 day

Development of organizational assessment of SEND Finance and administrative structure and processes- 10 days

Internal review workshop and interview of key Finance related staff- 2 days

Presentation of organizational assessment of SEND Finance and administrative structure and processes Report to SEND Management-1 day

Finalization and submission of the report- 2 days

How to apply

Application Process

Interested candidates must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications

A technical proposal, which should include:

• A brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the assignment.

• A rationale of your suitability to the role, including experience in similar jobs and evidence of similar work

• A financial proposal in Sierra Leone currency, specifying a fee per day and total requested amount including all related costs, e.g. fees, per diems, travel costs, phone calls etc., that includes a work plan.

• A curriculum vitae from the Lead Consultant and any other team members that will assist in executing this assignment, should the Consultant decide to work with a team.

• The Consultant’s should also include the names of at least 3 references.

• Submit two samples of previous work relevant for the assignment

• A conflict of interest statement.

Technical and financial proposals/ applications should be submitted to the following email addresses with the subject title: ‘Organizational assessment of SEND Sierra Leone Finance and administrative structure‘ to and

Closing date for applications: 23:59 (GMT) on 30th July 2021. Application submitted after the stated date and time will not be accepted.

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