Data Analyst Tunisia & Libya at We World

Position: Data Analyst Tunisia & Libya

Location: Tunis with potential movements in Libya & Tunisia

Type of contract: a first 3 (three) month collaboration contract subject to verification of the achievement of specific objectives (these objectives will be agreed together with the Country Representative upon arrival on assignment); a second collaboration contract of 3 (three) months renewable, following the positive evaluation of the first three months of contract

Deadline: 24/06/2021

Starting date: Beginning of July with 2 weeks handover

Gross Salary: to be defined according to the candidate’s profile


WeWorld-GVC, recently constituted from the merger of two NGOs, is an Italian secular and independent organization working since 1971 in international cooperation and humanitarian aid. Present in 29 countries with 128 projects, WeWorld-GVC operates in the following areas of assistance: human rights (gender equality, prevention and combating violence against children and women, migration), humanitarian aid (prevention, emergency relief and rehabilitation), food security, access to water, health and hygiene, education, global citizenship education, quality teaching and international volunteering. WeWorld-GVC works mostly with girls, boys, women and youth, actors of change in every community for a fairer and more inclusive world. Supports people overcoming emergencies and guarantees a life with dignity, opportunities and a better future through human and economic development programs, in the framework of the 2030 Agenda. Joining the WeWorld-GVC team means being part of the development of a dynamic organization where the contribution of each staff member is promoted and valued, working together towards the collective achievement of shared goals and vision.At present, the main donors are Italy (AICS), the EU (DG ECHO), UNICEF, OCHA, and Belgium (DGD).

Working context:

WeWorld-GVC in Tunisia

WeWorld-GVC has been operating in Tunisia since 2012 through the implementation of the following intervention sectors:

  • Socio-economic and rural development
  • Human rights
  • Good local governance and community driven development
  • Prevention of violent extremism (PVE)
  • Mainstreaming sectors: Strengthening civil society & Gender equity

The main office is in Tunis and a field office in Sidi Bouzid.

The main donors are the Italian Interior Ministry, the Italian Cooperation AICS, Italian provinces.

Provisional annual budget 2021: 700,000 EUR.

Tunisia Local team: 5

Tunisia Expat team: 2 dedicated to Tunisia & 4 expatriates working for both Tunisia & Libya missions

WeWorld-GVC in Libya

WeWorld-GVC has been operating in Libya since 2018 through the implementation of the following intervention sectors:

  • Humanitarian Aid for host, displaced, migrant and refugee populations through projects promoting access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), primary health, etc.
  • Capacity building of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Promoting respect for Human Rights, in connection with the field of humanitarian protection

The main office is in Tripoli and a field office in Sebha (Fezzan region).

Provisional annual budget 2021: 3,200 M EUR.

The main donors are EU Trust fund for Africa, AICS, CERF.

Libya National team: 14 staff

Libya team in Tunis office: 8 staff

Job description

The Data Analyst is responsible of the analysis of Community Protection Approach (CPA, information to produce relevant products informing programing and advocacy according to mission needs. The CPA has been recently awarded at the 1st place as the 2020 Best Practice of Results-Based Protection by InterAction.

At the same time, he/she provides support to the Protection & Gender Coordinator on the technical design, quality and monitoring of any CPA data collection process. In addition, the position has the responsibility of capitalizing on the work carried out for the mission to support WeWorld-GVC’s Integrated Protection Development and Analysis Area (IPDAA) on the development of the CPA, given that at some stages CPA development and implementation needs would overlap.

The position will lie under the line management of the Libya Program Coordinator and will be technically managed by WeWorld-GVC IPDAA Global Research and Data Analyst Specialist. The work to be done for the Tunisia Mission remains at the stage minor and it will be coordinated with the Tunisia Program Coordinator.

It will require active communication and coordination with the Protection & Gender Coordinator, the field Protection officers / CPA specialist and IPDAA’s members, including by participating and establishing any necessary meetings and communication channels to achieve its objectives.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

Mission Data Analyst (70%)

  1. Support with analysis of information to provide relevant and sound results to stakeholders
  2. Design mechanism to ensure quality of CPA data to be analysed considering any data cleaning/wrangling needed before the process of analysis
  3. Participate and lead in the different workshops and meetings related to the types of analysis that can be produced in the mission and specifically of the CPA
  4. Conduct relevant data analysis of qualitative and quantitative CPA data to inform programs and advocacy by products designed through discussions with mission Focal points and other partners
  5. Triangulate all the information in form of comprehensive reports which inform the context situation (MQ/IPSI and IPA), the reasons and explanations (NCP) and the response for change (PRP and IPA)
  6. Communicate with the Digital & IT Specialist from IPDAA to discuss on the integration of the developed analysis in the CPA and from other data sources
  7. Conduct relevant data analysis and comprehensive reports, in line with advocacy and communication needs of the mission, with support of the International Advocacy, Policy and Innovation Area
  8. Support on the design of other data sources analysis by providing strategical thinking, technical advice and conducting, when necessary, advanced analysis beyond descriptive
  9. Support the Protection officers and the Protection & Gender Coordinator with the implementation and design of the CPA
  10. Support WeWorld-GVC National CPA specialist/ Protection officers in the design of the implementation of the CPA and its technical follow up
  11. Support the WeWorld-GVC National Protection & Gender Coordinator in the design of the implementation of the IPA (as part of the CPA) and its technical follow up
  12. Monitor and assess the quality of CPA data collection processes ensuring quality of data collected related to CPA different components (IPSI, NCP and IPA)
  13. Jointly with National CPA specialist/ Protection officers, and the Protection & Gender Coordinator, planning and when needed providing the necessary training ensuring field staff is capacitated for data collection and usage of any tool involved in the CPA process
  14. Provide technical advice, when required, on designing data collection processes and quality assessments for other data sources
  15. Lead and coordinate the process of contextualization to the CPA global methodology to the Libya context (and the different geographic areas of intervention), following the Standard of Procedures for correctly adapting each of the tools
  16. Capitalize on lessons learnt on implementation of piloting programs
  17. Coordinate and lead capacity building activities for internal and external stakeholders regarding data analysis, multi-sectorial assessments and CPA tools, as required by operational and strategic planning of activities
    1. Support the Mission in other related data analysis activities
  18. Support the Projects Managers in processing in the data analysis of other surveys such as field need assessments; baseline & impact surveys; etc
  19. Work closely with the M&E officers to provide recommendations and support in the internal data analysis process
  20. Participate and capitalize with the M&E working group of the West of Libya Consortium to develop required methodologies, according to different needs presented
  21. Take part to the Assessment Working Group led by OCHA & REACH
    1. Support the Mission in developing Data Analysis SoP and capacity building including the development of strategic partnerships with other relevant stakeholders
  22. Contribute in developing data analysis SoP
  23. Develop and Implement a Capacity training plan related to Data Analysis SoP for WW-GVC staff and implementing partners
  24. As part of the Strategy of the Mission, contribute to the strengthening of strategic partnerships with other keys stakeholders such as REACH / MMC / IRC (etc.) related to data analysis

Capitalize on the experiences obtained during the mission to support the development and mainstreaming of the CPA (30%)

  • Contribute to the development and innovation of CPA components and processes under the guidance of the WeWorld-GVC IPDAA’s Global Research and Data Analyst Specialist
  • Capitalize and provide feedback to IPDAA on matters relevant for the development of the CPA that might have arisen during its implementation
  • Support with the elaboration of various analyses and data visualization products, including reports, infographics, trend analysis, etc
  • Support with the maintenance of the CPA repository


Qualifications and Knowledge

  • BSc/BA/BEng in Social Sciences, Computer Sciences, Statistics, Information Technology or related field
  • Solid computer literacy, including proficiency in MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)
  • Ability to draft, report and communicate results internally and to external stakeholders
  • Fluency in English is mandatory

Professional experience

  • At least 1 year of specific experience in the field of data analysis
  • Proven experience in data collection, analysis, and information management
  • **Experience with statistics and data science toolkits (R, Stata, Python, etc) and data visualization applications (MS Power BI, Qlick, Tableau)
  • Experience in working with humanitarian organizations

Personal skills

  • Leadership, planning, organization and teamwork skills
  • Proactive and dynamic attitude
  • Ability to adapt and work under constraint, under pressure and in complex and multicultural contexts
  • Interpersonal skills and intercultural approach
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Good negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong commitment to the Mission of WeWorld-GVC, genuine interest for international cooperation development topics
  • Demonstrates integrity with regards to NGO values and ethical standards
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Treats all people fairly without favouritism


  • Knowledge of Arabic, French and Italian would be considered an asset
  • Previous working experiences in Libya and/or Tunisia

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