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Integrity Watch is an Afghan civil society organization committed to increase transparency, accountability, and integrity in Afghanistan.

The mission of Integrity Watch is to put corruption under the spotlight through community monitoring, research, and advocacy. We mobilize and train communities to monitor infrastructure projects, public services, courts, and extractives industries. We develop community monitoring tools, provide policy-oriented research, facilitate policy dialogue, and advocate for integrity, transparency, and accountability in Afghanistan.

Integrity Watch was created in October 2005 and established itself as an independent civil society organization in 2006. It has approximately 80 staff members and over 3000 volunteers. The head office of Integrity Watch is in Kabul with provincial programmatic outreach in Badakhshan, Balkh, Bamyan, Ghor, Herat, Kabul, Kapisa, Logar, Nangarhar, Parwan, Panjshir, Samangan, and Wardak.

Integrity Watch’s work has three major components: (1) Community Monitoring, (2) Research, and (3) Advocacy. Integrity Watch tries to encourage active citizenship and community mobilization through its programs. Our community monitoring work includes development of community monitoring tools, mobilizing and training communities to monitor infrastructure projects, education and health services, and court trials.

Our research work is focused on policy-oriented research measuring trends, perceptions and experiences of corruption and covering a wide range of corruption related issues including public finance management, illicit financial flows, extractive industries, anti-corruption institutions, justice institutions integrity and access to information. The objective is to develop new, ground-breaking empirical research in order to set the agenda, influence decision-makers, bring to the public attention non-documented and non-explored issues.

The aim of our advocacy work is to enhance Integrity Watch’s pioneering role in advocating for knowledgeable decision-making and informed public debate on corruption and integrity. Our advocacy work includes facilitation of policy dialogue on issues related to integrity, transparency, and accountability. We advocate for issues arising out of our community monitoring and research work and other general anti-corruption issues.


The Research Department of Integrity Watch conducting a survey on Right to Access Information Law in Afghanistan. The project focus on how will implementation is proceeding, also to examine the services provided by the Government of Afghanistan, such as the information published proactively and reactively, as well as the level of responses to the requesters of information and complainants. The project will produce strong body of research and recommendations on to better implementations of the law.


The consultant will be expected to prepare a report of 12,000-15,000 words together with such comparative charts and graphs as may be necessary and appropriate to illustrate certain key points using the data set provided by the Research Department. Integrity Watch will expect well-written (in English), though provoking and evidence based policy oriented reports within the agreed timeline, after which and based upon comments from senior management of Integrity Watch, representatives of Integrity Watch’s Board and other external reviewers, the consultant will finalize the report based on comments and feedbacks.


· To review and analyze all relevant quantitative and qualitative data from the recently conducted survey and related literature and research.

· To analyze the data and to prepare detailed and well-balanced reports.

· The reports should include an executive summary of the key insights from the whole report, a section that provides an overview of ATI generally from an Afghan and a global perspective, and sections that reviews the implementation of Afghanistan ATI Law.

· Liaise closely at all times with the IWA research team.

· Write up high-quality and professional reports summarizing the findings of the Access to Information Survey (between 12,000 – 15,000 words long each)

· Incorporate internal, peer and board reviewer’s comments and feedbacks in the reports (even if the comments fall beyond the contract duration)

· Prepare a short presentation from the main findings of the report.

Data/Project Management

· The Consultant follows the project and data management procedures of the Research department of Integrity watch Afghanistan.

· The project work to be carried-out in the Dropbox file system.

· Dropbox shared folder is the property of Integrity Watch.

· All official work, to be fulfilled in the Dropbox folder and researcher should synchronize it once a day.

Analysis and Write up of the researches

· The Consultant is obliged to write one report applying the suggested changes proposed for the analysis and revision of the report.

· The consultant is responsible to review the related literature, analyze the data (qualitative and quantitative) collected by Integrity Watch research team for the Access to Information report and develop policy oriented and professional research reports.


The successful candidate will possess some or all of the following characteristics:

· At least a master’s degree in social sciences, policy and/or other related fields.

· Minimum eight to ten years of experience in public policy research and/or report writing and editing and quantitative data analysis at the international level.

· Substantial experience of analyzing and evaluating quantitative data, indexes and indicators.

· Deep knowledge of key issues in corruption at the Afghanistan and global level.

· A track record of writing, editing or publishing thought leadership, reports, articles and research on corruption issues would be an advantage.

· Ability to develop evidence-based policy recommendations


The Consultant will work with the Research department of Integrity Watch in order to manage and author the complete ATI report. The Head of Research department will work closely with the consultant to help him/her complete the task.

The consultant is obliged to submit all the deliverables, complete and submit ATI report and other related documents no later than the agreed timeline.

How to apply

The relevant applicants shall be send their CV and Cover letter along with the a sample of his/her work to the address on or before 15 July 2021.

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