Development of a Knowledge Management Hub for AATF At African Agricultural Technology Foundation

AATF is driven by the vision of a prosperous, resilient, food and nutrition-secure Africa, where smallholder farmers’ livelihoods are transformed through agricultural innovations. Created in 2003 in response to the need for an effective mechanism to support access to technology for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), AATF has, in the last two decades, dedicated itself to promoting access, adaptation, and adoption of innovative agricultural technologies that effectively address farmer productivity constraints highlighted above.

The AATF 2023-2027 strategy, ’Scaling for Impact’ affirms AATF’s commitment to innovative and sustainable delivery of agricultural technologies as a contributor to food and nutrition security and economic growth in Africa.

The strategy also identifies four Cross-cutting Priorities namely.

  • Improve climate change resilience amongst farmers in Africa,
  • Enhance gender equality in access to resources, agribusiness opportunities and technology.
  • Improve nutrition for farmers and consumers in Africa.
  • Build knowledge and foster evidence-based decision-making in African agriculture.

The fourth Cross-cutting Priority in the strategy; Build knowledge and foster evidence-based decision-making in African agriculture also forms the basis and justification for strengthening the AATF approach to harnessing knowledge and information to transform the agricultural technology sector.

About the task

AATF seeks the services of a consultant to develop and deploy a contemporary knowledge management hub that will enhance internal and external information sharing and utilization for AATF staff and the wider agriculture, science, technology, and innovation stakeholders.

Rationale for the Assignment

AATF aspires to proactively share and exchange information on trends, lessons, models, and insights on agricultural technology in Africa for diverse audiences. AATF aims to set up a Knowledge Hub on Agricultural Technology to support education and effective decision-making in technology access and commercialisation. The hub will provide credible and evidence-based information and knowledge in formats that can be accessed and understood by different audiences and for different needs – whether at the level of ‘how-to’ or at policy/government or investor strategic decision making. The hub will provide an opportunity for aggregating information to unearth patterns and trends, and information and knowledge that will form a knowledge base to be deployed for different purposes such as advocacy for better policy and regulation, demonstration of technology benefits for productivity, industrialisation, income, jobs, investment and nutrition.

Objectives of the Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to advise on design and oversee development of a robust and contemporary knowledge management hub for AATF that supports the delivery of the organization’s Knowledge sharing objectives. The specific objectives include:

  • To conduct an audit of the existing knowledge management systems setup at AATF to identify and document what is needed to set up the envisaged knowledge management hub
  • To help design the hub, support systems and equipment needed and define the approach towards set up and dissemination of knowledge.
  • To develop facilitative operational processes and lead the acquisition of appropriate technology.

Scope of Work

  • Develop a plan of work and approach for the assignment.
  • Review and understand the new AATF strategy 2023-2027
  • Develop and administer tools for needs assessment for staff and relevant stakeholders.

Expected deliverables.

  • An inception report detailing an understanding of the assignment and approach for delivery.
  • A set of tools for data/information collection on information needs
  • A report of identified information needs and a design and proposed approach towards set up of the hub.
  • A fully operational knowledge hub platform

Expected Profiles of the Consultant(s)

The Team/Consultants/Firm should constitute a minimum of 3 key staff including the Team Leader. The Team Leader should have at least:

  1. Master’s degree in development communication, Mass Communication, Public Relations, or another related field relevant to the current assignment;
  2. At least five years of professional experience in developing and implementing/managing knowledge management systems with proven programming skills; and good database development skills

How to apply

Application Submission

  • Interested applicants should send their Technical and Financial Proposals together with other supporting documents to the Procurement Officer through the emailprocurement@aatf-africa.orgby COB 24th November 2023, with the subject head ‘Knowledge Management’.
  • To obtain further information visit

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