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The Asia Pacific Forum (APF) is a coalition of National Human Rights Institutions who work together to build an Asia Pacific region where everyone can enjoy human rights. National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are independent bodies with powers to investigate and report on human rights violations, to stand up for those in need of protection and to hold their governments to account. NHRIs also help shape laws, policies, practices, and attitudes that create strong, fair, and inclusive communities. A fundamental goal of the APF is to support the establishment of independent NHRIs in the region and to strengthen members to implement their mandate to promote and protect human rights. We also bring our members together, and build partnerships with others, in order to tackle some of the most serious and complex human rights challenges facing our region.

To contribute to this goal, the APF has established a capacity development strategy which includes approaches such as facilitated and self-facilitated learning courses, networking, mentoring, and coaching and the provision of online spaces for NHRI-to-NHRI collaboration. Last year, the APF developed the APF Community, an online learning and collaboration platform, as the primary platform to deliver this strategy. The APF Community is an eco-system that integrates a learning section (through EdApp), a community space (through Tribe) and a resource library (through HelpDocs). It is also integrated with a user management system (Autho).

Since 2016, the APF been working with a Salesforce instance to support internal processes such as contact and activity management, time and record keeping, online registrations and evaluations. Salesforce is an integral technology to the operations of the APF and furthermore is also integrated with the APF Community. The APF are seeking the services of a Digital Consultant to provide technical support for a range of technologies for the duration of the contract. In addition to maintenance (bug fixes, ongoing integration with technologies) the consultant will work closely with the APF for the continued development of the APF Community and the Salesforce instance as specified below.

Scope of engagement

The Digital Consultant NHRI will undertake the following specific tasks.

• Develop, test, and implement the resource hub space in the APF Community (HelpDocs).

• Liaison with third party software partners on the technical aspects of ongoing integration with all software, maintenance including bug fixes, and improvement of the APF Community such as other supported languages (Arabic and Russian) in consultation with the APF.

• Manage the migration of Tribe to Tribe 2.0. • Scope integration of instant messenger technology into the APF Community. • Provision of training for key personnel on platform management (APF Community and Salesforce).

• Provision of technical advice on the APF Community systems, processes, and supportive technologies where relevant.

• Provision of advice on online community building.

• Documentation of APF digital platforms and processes.

• Continued refinement of time management system in Salesforce including streamlining reports and training for staff on case hierarchy.

• Supporting the ongoing Survey Monkey integration for activity evaluation form integration.

• Assist in the distribution of the APF Annual Member Survey through Survey Monkey – estimated delivery June 2022.

• Enabling reporting in Salesforce and integration of data from Survey Monkey.

• Development, testing and deployment of the following Salesforce improvement projects.

  • Annual General Meeting/Governance Committee form,
  • Member contact information
  • Record governance committee decisions,
  • Registration form for all APF activities,
  • Testing and refinement of emailing sub-groups in cases,
  • Integration with Salesforce and APF Community,
  • Storage and management process of the Sub Committee of Accreditation recommendations,
  • Capacity Assessment evaluation form aligned to Capacity Assessment cases. Duration

The agreement will commence from 15 August 2021 to 30 June 2022. Candidates are requested to indicate a daily rate for the proposal. The APF estimates a total of 69 days will be required to complete the work. The consultant will invoice the APF monthly for payment in alignment with the APF’s payment schedule.


Please note in the consideration of the quotation, that the APF is currently operating remotely, with staff working from home, based across Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne).

The APF is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation therefore the consideration of our status in the formulation of the quotation is greatly appreciated. In conducting our work, we seek to collaborate with partners who are aligned with our values and demonstrate a human rights-based approach to their work.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

The Digital Consultant will have demonstrated development experience in:

  • Experience with the current technologies utilised by the APF: Salesforce o EdApp o Tribe o HelpDocs o Autho o Survey Monkey, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Other supporting apps e.g., Campaign Monitor, Office 365
  • Salesforce expertise – building infrastructure, testing and deployment.
  • User experience design
  • Understand Learning Management Systems and online community building and collaboration spaces, •
  • Excellent project management skills,
  • Excellent communication and writing skills. Additionally, demonstrate in the selection criteria that they:
  • Act in a professional manner and adhere to the APF Code of Conduct
  • Work effectively and deliver outputs on time,
  • Are flexible and open to working in a complex environment with a small team, • Ideally have knowledge of NHRIs,
  • Ideally have awareness of gender considerations when undertaking work.

How to apply

Please email your proposal, and completed selection criteria to by 17:00 (AEST), 12 August 2021

Request for Proposal: Digital Consultant | Asia Pacific Forum

The full RFP can be downloaded at Request for Proposal: Digital Consultant | Asia Pacific Forum

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