Digitalization of Feedback and Complaint Response Mechanism at Danish Refugee Council

1. Introduction

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1956 and working in over 30 countries in the world. DRC has been operating in south-eastern Turkey (Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Kilis, and Kahramanmaraş) since 2013, with the aim to enhance the capacities and self-reliance of refugees and the affected host communities. As the conflict stretches on in Syria, DRC remains committed to developing long-term solutions that serve the needs of the 4 million displaced Syrians and other refugees and migrants currently living in Turkey. DRC Turkey programs are focused on two main sectors: protection and economic recovery. In protection, DRC provides specialized case management for survivors of gender-based violence, legal support including access to documentation, individual protection assistance, psychosocial support (PSS), and awareness-raising activities. Furthermore, DRC supports the economic recovery and livelihoods of refugees and affected host communities through two core components: 1) strengthening employability of individuals through market-based skills training and linkages to wage employment opportunities; 2) business development services including provision of business skills training, running of business incubators, and supporting formalization of start-up enterprises and existing micro and small-sized enterprises. Throughout all of these activities, the need to assess the protection and economic situations of clients, and track clients’ progress through the stages of these activities is paramount.

2. Background information

Currently, DRC Turkey’s existing feedback and complaint response mechanism (FCRM) is not digital, rather a mixed approach is used. DRC has been using multiple channels, e.g. hotlines, face to face, and through Facebook messages or email, to register feedback and complaints received from communities. All these feedback and complaints received from different channels are registered in Excel-based log/tracking sheets and follow-up is made via emails, and Excel-based log/tracker sheets are updated accordingly. The program teams working in different areas are responsible for generating their own data in their respective areas and data is consolidated manually if needed. Apart from direct implementation, DRC is also implementing projects in coordination and partnership with local implementing partners. These implementing partners are using their own feedback and complaint response mechanism. Thus, often, this becomes challenging to consolidate feedback and complaint related to projects and programs from different teams and locations on one central platform to generate real-time recording, tracking, analysis, and reporting, including self-paced follow-ups by the program team and partners.

3. Service objective

The overall objective of this service is to hire an independent firm, company, or individual service provider to digitalize the existing feedback and complaint response mechanism enabling real-time tracking, analysis, and reporting. DRC believes having ICT-enabled feedback and complaint response mechanism will make the process smoother and will harmonize the overall approach to manage the feedback and complaint response mechanism while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of beneficiaries. All data collection practices must be carried out in line with the Turkish Data Protection Law (KVKK – Kişisel verileri koruma Kanunu) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

4. Scope of work

As stated above, to ensure a well-responsive, accountable and consolidated feedback mechanism, DRC is looking to capture informal and formal feedback by using ICT (Information Communication Technology) enabled solution to have a well-documented, responsive and accountable use of information. For the detailed scope of work please check Annex A.1 Terms of Reference.

A detailed discussion will be carried out with the final selected firm to explain the FRCM process and key requirements. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this assignment is expected to take place remotely; however, preference will be made for in-country firms/companies of individual service providers to have the possibility of in-person discussion.

5. Indicative Timeframe

The service is expected to commence in the second week of July 2021 and end on the 15th of November 2021. Note: The timeline with key deliverables will be developed with the final selected firm or service provider.

6. Expected Service Deliverables

Following are expected deliverables:

1) Fully digitalized and deployed the FCRM

2) Digitalized and deployed FCRM linked with Power BI for analysis and reporting

3) Orientation and training of the team on using the FCRM

4) Post system deployment support (30 to 45 days)

7. Payment

Payment will be paid in two installments. 70% payment will be made upon the satisfactory delivery of the first two deliverables. 30% payment will be made after the successful completion of the entire assignment.

8. Codes of Behavior

The data collection process will be directed by DRC to be in line with KVKK, GDPR, and other necessary regulations. The selected service providers or firms will be asked to sign and adhere to the DRC’s Code of Conduct.

9. Disclosure

Under the terms of reference, the service provider is not authorized to make any commitments on behalf of DRC. All data or information collected as part of this service belongs to DRC and public dissemination of the data and information or system products can only be done with the written consent of the DRC.

10. Bid/Quote Submission

Interested firms, companies, or service provider should submit the following:

· A cover letter of no more than 3 pages introducing the applicant’s profile with regards to specific experience in digitalization of feedback and complaint response mechanism and how the past experiences, skills, and competencies meet the expected qualifications. Please also use this cover letter to indicate the Applicants’ availability for the proposed period.

· Submission of qualified individuals’ CVs who will be leading or managing the assignment throughout the process.

· Minimum 2 reference letters or feedback from previous clients in a similar area (If letters are not available, please provide the contact details)

· A one-page budget of the offer, covering all costs involved

Note: No additional cost will be entertained apart from the submitted budget of the offer.

11. Technical evaluation criteria

The service provider is expected to meet the criteria as stated in Annex A.1 ToR and RFP Invitation Letter as a minimum in order to be eligible for this work.

The minimum passing technical score shall be 50 out of 65.

Note: Applicants who passed the technical evaluation will be invited for a panel interview/presentation (in person or remote depending on the actual situation because of COVID-19). The presentation will be evaluated as per the following criteria:

All qualified bidders should submit the list of documents as mentioned in point 10 above through postal address or email with “RFQ-TUR-003561 Digitalization of Feedback and Complaint Response Mechanism” in the subject line or mentioning the title on a sealed envelope no later than 5th July 2021 at 12:00 pm. The submitted bids will be evaluated technically (80%) and financially (20%).

How to apply

All qualified bidders should submit the list of documents as mentioned in Section IV. Selection and Award Criteria / A. Administrative Evaluation of the RFP Invitation Letter thorough postal address or email with “RFQ-TUR-003561 Digitalization of Feedback and Complaint Response Mechanism” in the subject line or mentioning the title on sealed envelope no later than 5th July 2021 at 12:00 pm. The submitted bids will be evaluated technically (80%) and financially (20%). For the details please check the Section 6 Submission of Bids.

No bids will be accepted after the deadline. All questions or clarifications of a technical nature are to be sent to: questions or clarification will be entertained after 02-07-2021 15:00 pm Turkish Time.

RFP Issuing Date: 21 June 2021

RFP Closure Date: 05 July 2021 12:00 pm Turkey Time

Complete Tender Documents may be also obtained by e-mail from

Questions can be addressed to the above email until 02-07-2021 15:00 pm Turkish Time

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