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First Things Foundation (FTF) sends good folks to Sub-Saharan Africa on two-year postings of self-discovery via service to those in need; not to change the world but to re-discover what it means to be human. We have found that when we live simply, close our mouths and share in the experience of those who suffer we gain humility and acquire insights. Eventually, we actually turn out to be assets for the poor. It’s not rocket science: good projects and healthy change always grow out of authentic, loving, dynamic relationships. People matter more than plans.

As an FTF Field Director, you will live simply, work “in the trenches,” meet locals, and learn the ins and outs of the local Serria Leonean culture. Our two-phase service approach begins with an “immersionship” (months 0-6) in which you will work with a local partner as a way to immerse into the Sierra Leonean way of life while serving those in desperate need. Using the connections you make and cultural insights from the immersionship, you will then have the opportunity to identify and assist local “impresarios” or brilliant visionaries who have ideas to build and create (months 7-24). From beginning to end this opportunity is about listening, building relationships, and allowing creativity to flow.

As a Field Director, you will be one of the two points of contact for anything happening in your location. You will work in tandem with the existing Field Director to continue creating a network of friends, Impresarios, and stakeholders.

You will spend months 0-6:

  • Learning the local and colonial languages (if applicable) (5-10 hours study and tutelage per week)
  • Working one or multiple local jobs with your Immersionship partner(s) (12-30 hours per week)
  • Creating deep, authentic relationships with friends and neighbors through shared drinks and meals (at least once per day)
  • Speaking with FTF’s Director and Executive Field Director (once per week)
  • Writing blogs about your experiences (one per month)

You will spend months 7-24:

  • Facilitating entrepreneurial projects and performing one-on-one consulting services with Impresarios
  • Continuing to build a network of folks who can partner with us, back us with funding, provide us with additional advice, or just become good friends
  • Creating profiles for our Impresarios to illustrate their ideas
  • Training your replacement Field Director who will replace you when you leave

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