Finance manager At Iraqi Red Crescent Society

Job Title : Finance manager
Reporting To : Secretary General
Direct Reports : Budgeting and Financial Reporting ManagerChief Accountant

Job Objectives

  • To manage and support the Finance department, and assist in strategic planning and development activities of the Society.
  • To prepare the Society’s financial statements and ensure they are prepared in accordance with the Iraqi financial reporting standards as well as with the Society’s standards.
    Roles and Responsibilities • Establish and implement short and long-term goals and objectives, and enforce policies and operating procedures for the finance department.
  • Ensure that effective internal controls are in place with the finance department.
  • Oversee the daily finance operations; approve payments as per authority matrix and monitor the effectiveness of the closing process.
  • Assist in the preparation of the budget and ensure that it is presented to the Secretary General in a timely manner.
  • Conduct, upon the request of the Secretary General or the Executive Committee, in-depth investigation for any abnormal or critical situation showing in the financial reports or analysis.
  • Ensure that all documentation comply with Iraqi financial reporting standards as well as with the Society’s standards and regulations.
    Support, train and lead the finance department personnel in carrying out their duties and monitor the efficiency and performance of the Finance department.
  • Coordinate with the external auditors, consultants as well as partners and donors, and ensure that they are provided with close cooperation and assistance in the discharge of
    their responsibilities.
  • Handle relationships with banks and financial
  • Ensure optimal cash management at the
  • Ensure that the payroll payments are made timely and
  • Periodically conduct training to the treasurers / accountants at the
  • Assist the treasurers / accountants at the branches in resolving any technical issues that they may
  • Ensure that all the Society’s assets are adequately insured and protected through appropriate risk management policies and
  • Ensure that the Society’s leases, contracts, insurance and mortgages are up to
  • Identify areas for cost reductions and operational
  • Responsible to overlook and implement Society’s ERP system and to maximize its effectiveness by implementing more of its
  • Coordinate with other head of department and branches in areas of mutual interest such as budgets, payments and purchases and contribute to the achievements of the departments through timely, sound and effective financial counsel if needed.
  • Handle relationships with partners and
  • Review and approve agreements with partners and ask for bank account opening if
  • Perform any other task related to the finance function
  • Review and approve accounting entries and transfer them to the Secretary General for posting to the General
  • Coordinate with the team responsible of the closing of the fiscal years before 2019 to reach the accurate and correct 2019 opening balances.

Internal Interaction and Relationships • Secretary General

  • Budgeting and Financial Reporting Manager
  • Chief Accountant
  • Head of departments
  • Head of branches

External Interaction and Relationships

  • External auditors and consultants
  • Bank representatives
  • Partners and donors

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor degree in accounting or finance, MBA or CPA is a plus.
  • At least 10 years of accounting experience, of which at least 3 as a Finance manager preferably in an NGO.
  • Good command of English, excellent written communication skills and analytical skills.
  • Excellent computer skills to include expertise in Microsoft Excel and Word well as ERP system.
  • Knowledgeable in finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles including Iraqi financial reporting standards and International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS).
  • Leadership and managerial skills.


  • Arabic
  • English


  • The applicant must be exclusively from Iraq, and preference is given to those residing in Baghdad Governorate

How to apply

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