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World Vision International Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe Regional (WV MEEER) Office is inviting potential supplier to submit the Request for Proposal for Consultancy Services for GESI Research. The Tender us opened for individual consultants as well for companies/organizations. The details of the service required is given below:

  1. Research project title: Examining the relationship between women’s empowerment and the well-being of children
  2. Post title: GESI Research consultant
  3. Contract duration: 20 August – 20 September, 2021
  4. Application deadline: June 30, 2021
  5. Background information:

WV Middle East and Europe Region (MEER) is conducting a research, which aims to measure the extent of women’s empowerment and examine its associations with the children’s well-being status in structured families in MEER countries. The research framework is a result of analyzing and merging several internal and external models of Women Empowerment, Gender Equality and Child Well-Being. The proposed model explores how selected personal, environmental and relational factors of women’s empowerment interact with one another and how these three empowerment dimensions influence next generation’s core well-being outcomes in MEER countries.

The research has a mixed method study design among women and children participating in World Vision programmes in MEER countries. The quantitative data is gathered through a population-based cross-sectional design and the qualitative data is gathered through key informant interviews. The sample of selected participants are girls and boys, participating in WV programmes in MEER, age 11-15 and their respective mothers age 30-50, living in the same structured family. The sample of surveyed children is selected by convenience at the country level and aggregated at the regional level to form the overall sample size.

Seven MEER Field Offices are participating in the survey. Field Offices will be provided by country level analyses and reports, written by the regional team. In addition to country level reports, MEER team aims to produce two regional multi-country reports, one focusing on countries in Eastern Europe and the second one – on Middle East and Fragile states.

  1. Objective of consultancy: Consolidate 7 country level reports and interpret it a regional level, while comparing and discussing it with the literature.
  2. Deliverables: (1) Two regional multi-country reports; (2) Two regional multi-country report summaries (4-5 pages).
  3. Budget: The tenderer should include consultant’s proposed daily rate, which should include all costs. Value for money will be taken into account in tender evaluation.
  4. Required competencies:

· 3-5 years demonstrated experience in Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) research, analyses and reports write up.

· Understanding and interpretation of statistical data analysis including results from descriptive statistics (Frequencies, percent, mean, standard deviations), inferential tests (Chi-square, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson, etc.) and statistical modeling (Linear and binary logistic regression)

· Understanding of mixed-model research designs and demonstrated skills in triangulation of data

· Demonstrated writing up skills for research reports including quantitative and qualitative data

10. Documents to be submitted:

· Company Registration if applicable

· CV of consultant completing the required work

· List of similar projects completed

· Reference letter from minimum 2 previous clients.

· Technical proposal (methodologies to be used, work schedule)

· Financial Proposal (daily rate including all taxes and supportive costs)

· Filled Vendor registration Form (Attachment #1)

· Signed WV Supplier Code of Conduct (Attachment #2 )

Link to the attached documents can be viewed here:

All required document has to be submitted to the following email:**** no later than June 30 17:00 p.m.

WV MEEER shall not consider any Proposal that arrives after the deadline for submission of Proposals. Any Proposal received by WV MEER after the deadline, shall be declared late, rejected, and returned unopened to the Proposer.

How to apply

All required document has to be submitted to the following email:**** no later than June 30 17:00 p.m.

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