GIS Officer At REACH Initiative

Under the line management of the Research Manager, the GIS Officer is responsible for the application of geographic information systems, including relevant aspects of research design, support in designing data collection tools, ensuring (spatial) data quality, geo-spatial analysis, drafting of maps, and (as relevant) production of web maps and information management systems. Detailed requirements below.
The GIS officer will provide technical inputs in all stages of the research cycle. He/she ensures efficient and transparent use of resources required for project implementation. This can include the direct supervision of GIS teams. The GIS Officer will also be responsible for developing and implementing a continuous capacity-building program for national and international team members, and (when relevant) for providing training to partners.
In his/her mission, the GIS Officer will be hosted by IMPACT’s global partner ACTED and will fall under the direct responsibility and management of ACTED’s Country Director and his/her delegates for all Administrative, Security, and relevant Logistics and Finance issues. S/he will therefore fully abide by ACTED’s Security, Administration, and relevant HR, Logistics, and Finance rules and regulations.

The GIS Officer responsibilities include the following:

Research Planning
• In coordination with relevant assessment officer(s), support assessment planning in line with project and program objectives and with IMPACT’s research cycle and other relevant guidelines;
• Map and analyze secondary data in coordination with the assessment officer(s);
• Contribute to draft assessment ToRs with a specific focus on the analysis plan, and related mapping, as well as data management plan;
• Support the development of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, ensuring GIS requirements of research cycle/assessment are met;
• Anticipates knowledge gaps prior to the execution of the Research Cycle ;
• In coordination with relevant assessment officer(s), support construction of quantitative sample.
Research Implementation
• When relevant, support the training of enumerators for primary data collection;
• When relevant, support oversight of data collection, in line with agreed TORs (including their Annexes), including spatial verification and validation as part of daily assessment checks;
• Ensure that collected data is properly geo-referenced, enabling the production of maps and related products;

Data management, cleaning, and analysis
• Ensure that data is revised and cleaned and that all revisions are recorded;
• Conduct vector & raster-based spatial analysis on collected data, using appropriate tools for each use-case
• Ensure that data and its spatial analysis are validated by IMPACT HQ before the product drafting stage;
Form N9
ACTED HR Manual – National staff
• Development and maintenance of country-level databases for the consolidation of all assessment-related and GIS data in-country;
Drafting of products
• Ensure the drafting of timely and accurate GIS products, which comply with IMPACT’s guidelines;
• Ensure that all GIS products are validated by IMPACT HQ before external release;
• When relevant, in close coordination with IMPACT HQ, support the regular maintenance and update of web GIS products;
• In coordination with the CC/CR, liaise with IMPACT HQ on the procurement of UNOSAT services and satellite imagery.
External Engagement
• In support of the assessment team, link with relevant partners to consult and involve them in the GIS components of a research cycle;
• Promote an active use of datasets, GIS products, and research findings by partners and the broader humanitarian community for their decision making;
• After validation by the line manager, support the presentation of research findings through GIS inputs to relevant third parties in order to enhance their use and impact;
Project Cycle Management
• In close coordination with line management, finance, and grants colleagues, monitor and regularly update the use of GIS-related assets, financial and human resources, in full compliance with IMPACT’s guidelines; this includes
maintaining oversight of budget availability and expenditure for GIS-related activities;
• Ensure that GIS-related project deliverables and requirements are tracked, met, and complied to;
Data Confidentiality and Protection
The GIS Officer will maintain the strictest confidentiality on all data collected and related processes, ensuring full compliance with IMPACT’s data protection policy and SOPs. He/she will actively take measures to prevent the unauthorized sharing of any information and data belonging to IMPACT and its partners, or collected during his/her assignment with IMPACT.

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