Interim Head of Project Implementation / Gender Equality & Inclusion Advisor


Responding to growth in project wins, revenues and the associated requirements for execution, Farm Radio established Project Implementation (PI) as a department in early 2021. The Head of Project Implementation drives the department mandate, ensuring that Farm Radio projects (currently including external consultancies) are planned, launched and delivered, monitored, evaluated and reported on to a high standard. With projects at the heart of Farm Radio’s operations and revenues, the PI department works closely with Country Teams and other departments, including Finance, Specialty Services, Operations and Program Development.

Farm Radio’s current Head of PI will be on maternity leave from September 2021 through May 2022. In her absence, Farm Radio will engage an interim department head to lead Farm Radio’s PI work and team. There will be two 1-2 week handover-takeover periods (in which the interim and incumbent will work together) at the start and end of the posting. The current Head of PI is also Farm Radio’s Advisor for Gender Equality and Inclusion. If the interim candidate has strong gender equality credentials they may assume this additional role. Alternatively, the level of effort for this role may be reassigned to other areas of responsibility.


Reporting to the Director of Programs, the Head of PI is responsible for the overall successful implementation of projects, including the following.

  1. Leadership of the department
  2. Inputs to program development and project design
  3. Ensuring quality implementation of projects, including:
  4. Project planning, coordination and monitoring; and
  5. Project analysis and reporting
  6. Advisor, Gender Equality & Inclusion


  1. Leadership of the department
  2. Provide strategic overall leadership of project implementation in line with Farm Radio values and priorities.
  3. Develop and manage the PI department, including the necessary human resources needed to ensure quality project implementation at all levels.
  4. Develop and manage systems to ensure smooth, efficient, and effective delivery of projects.
  5. Represent the PI Department in the executive management group and in strategic planning.
  6. Provide direct supervision to the Senior Program Officers, Program Officers and Project Deliver Leads.
  7. Work closely with other departments that play central roles in project implementation:
  8. Liaise with Finance to ensure that the financial aspects of projects are well designed, planned, monitored and reported;
  9. Liaise with country offices to help ensure their needs for quality project delivery are met; and
  10. Identify operational issues and human resource needs and work with the Operations, HR & Administration Departments to resolve and/or meet them.
  11. Maintain outstanding relationships with past, current and prospective project funding partners.
  12. Strategic inputs to program development and project design
  13. Provide strategic inputs to the development of new project proposals and budgets that are relevant, realistic and achievable.
  14. Support strong relations with national governments, regional bodies, funding and strategic partners.
  15. Contribute to a strong organisational profile and reputation for effective project implementation in each region and country of operation.
  16. Work to ensure that projects contribute to growth of the Radio Network department and other Farm Radio priorities.
  17. Ensuring quality implementation of projects, including the following.
  18. Leadership of FRI’s Strategic Intention Goal (3.3) related to quality implementation of projects and development outcomes:
  19. Ensure the effective coordination and collaboration among Specialty and Country Teams and Finance, Operations and Stakeholder Engagement Departments in the planning and execution of projects;
  20. Provide technical and overall guidance/leadership to Project Teams at all levels to ensure projects are well planned and executed; and
  21. Manage relations with strategic implementation partners to ensure effective project implementation in countries without Farm Radio offices.
  22. Project planning, coordination and monitoring
  23. Monitor funder documents and communications, ensuring that requirements are understood and all staff are clear on responsibilities and deadlines are met.
  24. Identify Specialty Service inputs needed for projects and coordinate the delivery of required inputs on schedule.
  25. Ensure that all projects have complete Project Implementation Plans (PIP), including work and spending plans.
  26. Ensure that all projects are implemented as per approved PIPs, that challenges are identified and resolved, that revisions to work and spending plans are well managed to ensure timely implementation, and that project deliverables, including reports, are completed and submitted on time and to quality standards.
  27. Monitor all projects through a system of regular country-level and monthly PI Review meetings.
  28. Ensure projects are closed properly, with final reports, de-brief events, and knowledge sharing.
  29. Risk management
  30. Input to risk processes associated with program development and ensure continuity with PI risk management.
  31. Ensure that risks associated with projects are identified, monitored and managed through appropriate mitigation strategies.
  32. Report risks to the executive management committee and appropriate committees of the board of directors.
  33. Project analysis and reporting
  34. Ensure that project reporting is delivered as per funder agreements, in a timely manner and with quality results.
  35. In collaboration with the Knowledge Management Team, ensure that learnings and insights from projects are captured and clearly communicated 1) internally to improve future implementation and 2) externally for stakeholder engagement and further program development.
  36. Additional role: Senior Advisor on Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI)
  37. Ensure Farm Radio’s commitment to GEI is advanced and informed by research, evaluation and reflection.
  38. Stay informed of issues, trends and initiatives related to gender equality, feminism, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and human rights.
  39. Identify needs, opportunities and strategies for Farm Radio to be a stronger and more effective advocate for and practitioner of gender equality and inclusion principles, particularly in the context of communication rights.
  40. Support the development of gender equality and inclusion policies and positions.
  41. Support the development of a Farm Radio gender equality and inclusion specialty team.
  42. Act as a spokesperson for Farm Radio on matters related to gender equality and inclusion.


  • Advanced degree or equivalent experience in international development, public health, management or a field directly related to the position
  • At least 5 years’ experience in communication-for-development program management at a senior level, including results-based management, financial planning, contract negotiation, program reporting and staff oversight
  • Significant knowledge of agriculture and health with experience in integrating these practices and principles into project management. Training in, and strong knowledge of, gender equality and inclusion, as well as women’s rights are definite assets.
  • Fluency in English and French is a requirement
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines **

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV (in English or French) indicating “Interim Head of Project Implementation” in the subject line to

Farm Radio is an affirmative action employer. Women, people of colour and members of equity-seeking communities are strongly encouraged to apply. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities and accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. No telephone calls please.

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