IPC mobile Implementation Officer (MIO) in Middle-East At Médecins Sans Frontières

The IPC MIO is based in Paris or Dubai according to his/her place of residence. He/she spend 70% of the time at field level in the different projects and 30% in HQ’ (Paris or Dubai) for briefings/debriefings and discussions with med cells and medical referents.

This is a field contract. The duration of visits on the different project should be a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months.


MSF-OCP has multiple operations throughout the Middle East: Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, and Yemen.

Various medical activities are supported: reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation; paediatric ICU and general paediatric; traumatology and burns; hospitals with or without maternity. IPC remains a challenge for MSF and specifically in ME with the high burden of AMR. IPC MIO Position is part of the regional/MIO team together with the Antibiotic Steward.

The IPC MIO contributes through his/her expertise, to improve the management of IPC in the projects in the region (other projects could be added in the future).

He/she visits the fields and supports the field teams for assessments, training, coaching, implementations and follow-up of project’s progresses according to the MSF policies, procedures and guidelines and the ABR strategy. He/she insures the coherence of these activities across the different projects in the region.

The position is under the functional responsibility of the HQ IPC Referent in the medical department.

functional and hierarchial reporting lines

  • He/she reports to the HQ IPC Referent in Paris (or to the Director of the Medical Department in case of absence).
  • Priorities for field visits are decided by the HQ IPC referent after discussion with the medical responsible of the cells
  • He/she falls under the responsibility of the head of mission of the country during field visits.
  • Work closely with the MIO for Antibiotic Stewardship and Microbiology at field and regional levels to ensure a holistic approach in regards to prevention and control of infection.
  • A physical meeting, in Paris or Dubai, with the medical responsible of the cell and the medical referent should be organized every 3 months.

main responsibilities

  1. Support and strengthen the IPC activities in the different projects in the Middle East
  2. He / she implements IPC guidelines and policies.
  3. Assesses and improves overall IPC program elements in MSF hospitals/projects to reduce the risk of hospitals acquired infections (HAI) by providing on-site guidance and evidence-based recommendations to the multi-disciplinary teams/ and implement the tools according to MSF guidelines.
  4. She/he gives support to field teams for the setup, the analysis and the interpretation of IPC monitoring tools. And She/he is involved in developing/implementing new IPC tools in the field suggested by IPC referent in Paris.
  5. He/she assesses the needs and suggests training tools in collaboration with the relevant managers in the projects and the medical responsible in the cells and the referents in the medical department
  6. Make recommendations regarding construction, renovation and environmental sampling–in collaboration with logistic team to achieve optimal setup for patient flow.
  7. Collaborate with regional Hospital Engineer and Biomed for quality improvement
  8. Follow up IPC related issues from previous field visits from others (e.g. with medco, IPC referent and other Referents)
  9. Set-up transversal harmonized standards across the mission in the region (MSF policies, protocols and guidelines)
  10. Participate in the recruitment and evaluation of IPC nurse/supervisor with the field team.
  11. He or she spend enough time in the field for implementation according to the ToR .
  12. Training
  13. Train the national staff to build clear and usable action plan for IPC improvement
  14. Train the national staff to have the “training” approach with the staff and use the participatory approach
  15. Train and support IPC supervisors in the implementation of IPC tools (HHOT and SIPCA)
  16. Empower the national staff into the position of IPC
  17. Provide on-site training in the field and participate in the regional training session in Amman
  18. Collaboration with operations and ABR team
  19. He/she collaborates closely with the ABR team: with microbiologist and antibiotic stewardship MIO’s on outbreak detection and response.
  20. He/she organizes the quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the related activities in the region.
  21. He/she sets up a network of contacts for purposes of training, recruitment, partnership… in the field.
  22. He/ she shares the knowledge and implementation experiences between the different missions.
  23. Participate / set up data collection system to follow IPC activities
  24. He/she writes a report within one week after a field visit. She/he shares his/her recommendations with the HQ IPC referent before dissemination. He/she keeps all documents and information concerning the projects and circulates them to the field and cell members.
  25. She/he produces a monthly situation report and provide advice with regard to the monthly stewardship/ microbiology reports written by the other MIO’s and their action plans
  26. She/he suggests operational research projects to the HQ referent.
  27. He/she participates in relevant meetings organized by the coordination/ project of the different mission, the cells and the Medical department.
  28. The MIO’s IPC, stewardship and microbiologist have to work very closely and should produce a short transversal trimestral report with the achievements of the past 3 months, the priorities and planning of field visits for the next 3 months. This transversal report should be sent to the medical referents in HQ and then shared with the medical responsible in the cell and the Medcos


· Certified Nurse in IPC.

· 4 years of professional experience in IPC in a hospital setting.

· 2 years’ experience in management is an asset

· MSF background is an asset,

· Fluent in English, speaking and writing; Arabic is a serious asset,

· A Knowledge of the Middle East customs and problematics is an asset

· Team spirit, diplomacy, flexibility, analytical thinking , leadership skills , strong sense of belonging to the organization,

duration of the post

12 months minimum, 18 months preferable

How to apply

Kindly send your application (letter of interest and CV) to:


Only selected candidates will be contacted

Any applications submitted without letter of interest/cover letter will not be considered

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