Knowledge Management Consultant At World Relief

World Relief Location: Remote

Expected Start Date: August 15, 2021

Duration: Estimated 145 hours over six weeks

I. BACKGROUND In 2020, World Relief (WR) embarked on CHS (Core Humanitarian Standards) Certification, in pursuit of delivering higher quality programming and strengthening accountability to people in crisis. Two key actions required for certification include a “structured knowledge management architecture and sharing platform that is known and used by staff” and “tools for learning are included in knowledge management system”. Additionally, the WR strategic direction plan (Forward Together) has identified, under its directional objectives and activities, the need to improve operational effectiveness by leveraging shared learning and collaboration. A key output of this objective is to complete an organization-wide knowledge management assessment in order to identify and document WR’s current knowledge management system or systems, practices and processes, as well as key strengths, weaknesses and gaps.


  • Conduct rapid assessment of knowledge management system within WR, including personnel skills, infrastructure, platforms, organizational processes/protocols and structure to identify current practices and processes, as well as key strengths, weaknesses and gaps (current state analysis).
  • Provide high-level recommendations for next steps for World Relief’s KM system and processes



  1. Inception report, including schedule of activities and deliverables.
  2. A table of contents for the KM Assessment Report defined as Deliverable No. 3 below.
  3. KM assessment report that 1) describes how WR manages information and knowledge within and across departments and for external audiences 2) details the processes from knowledge generation, classification, sharing and storage 3) describes staff awareness and use of current KM system(s) 4) outlines current learning tools available and maps current document location structure 5) assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of existing knowledge management systems and identifies strengths, weak points, and gaps at the Home Office and Field Office levels. 6) provides reference to two other organizations of a similar size and nature as World Relief that are considered to have quality KM systems and provides contacts in these organizations for WR to make connections within these organizations to understand their experience and what they consider to be key elements to the success and quality of their KM systems.
  4. KM recommendations report that 1) provides recommendations for improving upon current ICT-enabled KM system and one or two other feasible alternative options 2) advises on path forward and proposed improvement plan which is feasible in terms of organizational culture and financial limitations 3) outlines recommended steps for institutionalization of the KM system and proposed workflow for KM 4) recommends where different KM functions should sit within the organization 5) outlines scope of work for any new suggested staff positions or key adjustments to current staff positions required to implement KM recommendations.
  5. Presentation of assessment report


  • The KM Consultant shall be working under the supervision of the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of WR and all activities relative to the assessment shall be with consent from WR as provided through that Office.
  • Document all meetings, agreements and other activities related to the project for WR’s perusal and information
  • Ensure timely delivery of expected outputs as stated in section III of this ToR and coordinate with WR in carrying out the services
  • Provide weekly status updates on progress, which indicate the deliverables worked on, indicating the number of days and the status of completion
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the documents/reports and any other proprietary information


  • A university degree in knowledge management, communications, law, the social sciences or other relevant field (preferably post‐graduate)
  • 4 – 5 years of relevant work experience
  • An ability to work independently and take the initiative in a cross‐cultural environment

How to apply

The lead organizational contact for this assignment is Kevin Sanderson, Chief Administrative Officer. Betsy Pipher, International Programs Operations Manager will also provide guidance and support for this work.

Interested candidates must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications to

  • Resume/CV
  • Work Sample
  • A no more than one-page description of the optimum knowledge management system– including an understanding as to its architecture, management, and curation of the system–for an organization of WR’s size and nature
  • A proposed set of activities to provide the deliverables requested in No. 3 above


  • Assessment Report: No. of working days required __ Amount per deliverable (USD) _
  • Improvement Plan: No. of working days required __ Amount per deliverable (USD) __
  • Responsibility Charting: No. of working days required __ Amount per deliverable (USD) _
  • Total: No. of working days required ___ Amount per deliverable (USD) __

All of the above documents should be compiled and submitted in a single PDF document

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