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The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA Network) is currently seeking a consultant to develop an innovative and participatory, up to date multicountry training programme and that aims at building the capacity of women’s rights activists in movement building and coordination of agenda and mobilization at the national and regional levels. The assignment is part of an exciting five-year project entitled “We Cannot Wait:Towards an inclusive and diverse women’s movement in the Greater Horn of Africa” which is funded under the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strengthening Civil Society Power of Women grant instrument. We Cannot Wait is being implemented in five countries of the Greater Horn of Africa Region, including Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia by a consortium of five southern-led women’s rights organizations; namely the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), FIDA Uganda, NAGAAD, Musawah and led by SIHA Network.The strategic goal of the We Cannot Wait Project is to empower women in the Greater Horn of Africa to lead and define the political, socio-cultural and economic agenda through a gender lens at all levels. A goal that will be achieved through three key outcomes:•Women’s rights activists and organizations (WRA/Os) are advocating for policy, law reform, and social norms.•WRA/Os in GHoA form an inclusive and diverse coalition with shared agendas.•WRA/Os engage actively and visibly in existing or new political and social platforms to promote their agendas.Part of the initiating work, SIHA is looking to identify a lead consultant with solid expertise and knowledge of the Horn and eastern Africa regions,strong understanding of the political context and the situation of women and the feminist movement in the region.She or /he must have solid expertise on gender equality, advocacy and women rights modules and approaches applied across the Horn and eastern Africa.


  • The lead consultants will be working with a team of 3 consultants who will have strong and diverse expertise /knowledge and understanding on Women’s human rights in Somalia,South Sudan,Sudan Uganda and Ethiopia and modalities of women rights approaches;
  • The lead consultant will be part of the team preparing the ToR and identifying the team of the 3 consultants, alongside SIHA and the consortium members;
  • The selected team will be guiding a multi-country capacity building programme, including devaluing and testing the training materials and providing ToT, while ensuring that the training materials are adapted across the project locations.
  • The lead consultant and the team are expected to develop a relevant framework to guide the capacity-building module for women’s organizations and activists. This module should be flexible and adaptable to the context of women rights activists in the different countries. Ultimately the module should support the establishment and strengthening of a regional women’s movement with core content, activities, and learning materials. The Module should contribute to the WRA/Os to become key advocates of women’s socio-cultural and political rights in their countries with a focus on reforming barriers, whether legal, policy or normative, to women’s personal agency.
  • The key areas of capacity building should include feminist transformational leadership, advocacy and coalition building, legal literacy, plural legal systems practices including customary, family, national and international legal frameworks; gender budgeting; leadership and communication; and collective care and security.
  • The lead consultant and team should undertake testing of the training module among selected sample of women rights activists across the region;
  • The lead consultant and the team should be organizing and facilitating a training of trainers (ToT) workshop to be held with 5 trainers from each country of the project. Part of the objective of the consultancy will be to embed participatory monitoring and feedback mechanisms that can create opportunities for reflection and to ensure ongoing learning and response.


i.Coordinate participatory capacity assessments across the region including Uganda, Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia working closely with key project partners in each country.

ii.Examine SIHA and the consortium members training modules and approaches

iii.Develop the capacity building module that utilizes available research innovative participatory and learn-by-doing approaches that cover all the focus areas including Feminist transformational leadership, advocacy and inclusivity and coalition building.

iv.The training module will also include crucial elements for women rights activism such as; legal literacy, including customary, family, national and international legal frameworks; financial literacy and gender budgeting; leadership and communication; and collective care and security.

v.The modules should be rooted in the realities of the social and political context of the region and should provide details on:Training materials Activities and methods that support capacity building of women and girls’ groups Outlines for training workshops geared toward different target groups, including both well-established women leaders and women’s rights organizations as well as grassroots women’ and girls’ groups ,Reflection activities to provide ongoing learning and feedback mechanisms ,Conduct Regional Training of Trainers to country-level trainers who will implement the capacity building workshops

Key Deliverables

a)Comprehensive proposal including budget and proposed time frame (4-6pages)

b)Capacity assessment and actor mapping and report of networks and forums that will facilitate strong coalitions for the women.

c)Fully conceived design training framework /Module including overall approach and core principles and resources, session guides, learning materials, and participatory MEL tools.

d)Facilitate three testing sessions and utilize outcome o improve the training module

e)Facilitate ToT for regional team of trainers

f)Final report Proposed Schedule of Activities Proposal Submission July 15 Capacity Assessment and mapping July 20- August 20th . Report First draft of Training Module August 30th, Final Draft of the training Module September 10th ,Module testing sessions September 30th, Multi country ToT session October 4th–October 8th.

Overview of the Consultancy

Project Name We Cannot Wait (WCW)-Towards an inclusive and diverse women’s movement in the Greater Horn of Africa Assignment Time16 weeks beginning July 15th 2021 frame. Core focus areas of Feminist transformational leadership, women rights activism advocacy and coalition building;capacity building legal literacy, including customary, family, national and international legal frameworks; financial literacy and gender budgeting; leadership and communication; and collective care and security.


Functional Competencies:

•Extensive capacity building expertise, and track records of working with and understanding women movement dynamics and challenges in different contexts particularly in the eastern and Horn of Africa and /or any other region of the world with similar circumstances

•Solid Academic knowledge and expertise in developing educational materials

•Demonstrated experience with a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, participatory approaches, and the ability to develop capacity building and learning modules designs out of needs assessments; in gender/social norms, GBV, livelihoods,and community accountability interventions, including analysis and writing high quality reports;

•Proven accuracy and attention to detail;

•Excellent analytical, editing and writing skills in English language;

•Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work well with diverse and multicultural team leads and staff members;

•Demonstrated coordination skills, ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure


•Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible and relevant experience in training and programme development;

•Solid experience of working with the feminist/women rights/social movements

•Proven expertise in advising and developing needs-based project designs in the area of legal reform, normative change, gender equality and/or women’s empowerment interventions;

•Exposure in working withsocial movement civil society and grassroots, in particular in some or all of the five project countries (Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia).


•Fluency in English is required and knowledge of Arabic, Somali or other local languages of the project countries is an asset

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit technical and financial proposal electronically and in PDF format, addressed to the “Regional Human Resource Manager’’ with the subject line clearly marked, WCW-Towards an Inclusive and Diverse Women’s Movement in the Horn of Africa via email on or before 09/07/2021 to human.resources@sihanet.org cc: laureen@sihanet.org

All Applications must include the following:

1.Cover letter which should include;

i.Brief explanation about the consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience with similar work.

ii.Understanding of the ToR and the tasks to be completed

2.Proposed methodology

3.Draft work plan and implementation plan

4.2 Copies of similar work conducted (e.g. project designs, tools)

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