Media and Digital Literacy Consultant at BBC Media Action


Title: Practical Toolkit for Media and Digital Literacy

Duration: 20 days (expected completion by July 30th, 2021).

Issue Date: 28th May 2021

Closing Date: 16th June 2021

1.0. Introduction

BBC Media Action is the BBC’s international development charity. We believe in media and communication for good. We work in 24 countries around the world, reaching more than 100 million people a year – helping to save lives and improve health, protect livelihoods, challenge inequality and build more peaceful and democratic societies.

Media and digital literacy are central components of our approach to strengthening media ecosystems and tackling information disorder. Our aim is to support people to understand, navigate and make sense of the information they have access to and empower them to be more discerning in their consumption of media content.

We seek to achieve this through the development of creative media content, training and outreach work which informs the public on media’s role in society, equips them with the knowledge and skills to be more discerning media consumers and, in doing so, helps to challenge the spread and impact of misinformation and disinformation.

Our media and digital literacy programmes are aimed at both media practitioners (including journalists) and the general public in the countries in which BBC Media Action works. We conduct them in a variety of contexts (e.g. schools, universities, media outlets, community centres or via messaging apps/online training platforms) and support content production across an array of media platforms

2.0. Objective

The overall aim of this assignment is to produce a practical toolkit for project design and delivery – based on an existing understanding of the media/digital literacy space; the literature on the impact of different approaches; understanding of funder interests; and informed by BBC Media Action’s approaches in this area and our organisational strengths.

3.0. Output

Practical Toolkit for project design and delivery

The consultant should develop practical guidance for project delivery teams of media and digital literacy projects at BBC Media Action. The toolkit should cover potential outcomes and communication objectives for our key audiences (including marginalised, low literacy audiences);guidance on using different communication methods to build media and digital literacy (including media content and F2F/online training); and guidance on learning and development outcomes for capacity strengthening work.

The exact format of the tools will be agreed with the hiring manager but may take the form of guidance and exemplar samples of (a) theories of change with indicative impacts and outcomes; (b) impact indicators; (c) communication objectives; (d) short briefing notes on specific topic areas; (e) checklists to shape project and/or media content; (f) training plans and/or discussion guides.


The toolkit should be informed by latest approaches and evidence in this area, with a focus on the global south. The BBC Media Action team is particularly interested in the analysis of current approaches to media and digital literacy using creative media content and reaching marginalised communities.

Through consultation with key staff at BBC Media Action, the assignment should be informed by our current approaches in this area of work, our organisational strengths and positioning within this field. The consultant should also identify potential partner organisations providing background into their expertise and experience and recommendation where they can support and add value to our work . BBC Media Action is particularly interested in building partnerships with regional institutions from the global south.

How to apply

Applicants should submit their CV and a cover letter outlining their experience and expected price for the assignment by email to . Please include the title of the position applied for in the subject line.

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