Quality Engineer At UNOPS

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, Infrastructure, the Quality Engineer is expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Contribute in the preparation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plans for new construction and rehabilitation works.
  • Contribute in the establishment of quality procedures including time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and other QA/QC requirements.
  • Contribute in the management of quality assessment of materials through regular and rigid laboratory tests.
  • Conduct all quality inspections and prepare required site instructions and reports. Supervise the quality control functions/activities of the project or its parts, including quality control inspection schedules and the collection of quality records.
  • Conduct quality control reviews and prepare related reports for design and construction of works, as required, and facilitate the compilation of inputs for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provide technical input to and assist the procurement team on all contractual matters.
  • Manage contractors’ submissions and maintain close coordination with the Lead Quality Engineer in the Core Programme Team (CPT) and the relevant cluster Project Manager about quality issues.
  • Conduct site meetings with contractors, staff, workers and customers, as required, providing necessary instruction regarding work quality management before commencement of each activity.
  • Ensure specific quality standards are constantly met at all levels of construction projects.
  • In consultation with the project staff, review technical specifications and recommend standard construction specifications for all items of work.
  • Review all standard test forms to be used during laboratory tests, QA testing schedules and procedures, and evaluate results as appropriate.
  • Review contractor practices and methodologies and make recommendations where remedial action is required.
  • Work with project engineers and design engineers/consultants for establishing procedures with time limits for the inspection, sampling and testing of works and all other QA/QC requirements.
  • Conduct initial survey queries on sources of materials, ensuring quality and quantity is of economic value to the project.
  • Cooperate with Lead Quality Engineer in the CPT to analyse non-conformities and decide the way forward.
  • Perform daily checks to assure control activities of all ongoing construction activities are in line with contracts documents and QA plans, including testing (FDT, Concrete test, Geotechnical, Site Survey etc.) and confirm their compliance.
  • Conduct quality audits on site and prepare required reports and documentations
  • Manage a site sample catalogue for all key submissions and material samples
  • Conduct all completion inspections – punch-out, pre-final and final acceptance.
  • Check to assure all materials and /equipment have been tested and approved.
  • Review all submittals to ensure compliance with plans and specifications
  • Inspect all materials delivered at the time of receipt are compliant with submittals and specifications.
  • Ensure compliance with QA/QC requirements in civil works carried out by the contractors. Discuss and solve emerging problems with co-workers, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Conduct health and safety audits and support the Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Analysts in maintaining site safety and preparing required reports.
  • Prepare reports prescribed within the project documents and/or as required by the Project Manager.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned.
  • Monitoring and Progress Controls
  • Establish procedures with time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works and all other electrical requirements.
  • Implement and monitor quality assessments, supervise the quality control functions/activities of a project or its parts, including quality control inspection schedules and the collection of quality records.
  • Review all submittals to insure compliance with the plans and specification
  • Prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports to the Project Manager on project progress activities.

How to apply

Please click on the below link for actual vacancy announcement to see the complete details and submission guideline as this is only an attempt for attracting female applicants for gender parity in organization. Please make sure you fill your profile/application properly with all relevant details in order to be considered for the next stage of recruitment/selection.


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