RCA – COUNTRY DIRECTOR at International Solidarities

Desired starting date : 07/01/2021

Duration of the assignment : 12 months

Location : Bangui with travel to the bases


SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams are rehabilitating water and sanitation infrastructures, while forming water management committees to ensure their sustainability. Hygiene awareness campaigns and the use of water points help to cope with the strong pressure exerted by the massive influx of populations. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL supplies families and farmers with drinking water by repairing certain defective boreholes and transporting and storing this water to their land, helping to improve food security.

Community interest works make it possible to facilitate agricultural, pastoral and commercial activities and therefore increase the availability of food and revive the market. Our teams provide tool kits and seeds to farmers and breeders, and provide training.

Thanks to a rapid emergency response mechanism and the constitution of an emergency stock, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL stands ready to intervene from the first hours of a man-made or natural disaster in order to ensure access to drinking water and a healthy environment for populations made vulnerable by a shock, a natural disaster or an epidemic.

The program concerned by the position:

SI’s mission program in CAR revolves around three strategic axes:

  • In a context of armed conflict, recurrent natural disasters and epidemic risk; ensure a rapid multisectoral response capacity to shocks
  • Strengthen the resilience of affected or at-risk populations by improving access to basic services (WASH, SAME, Shelters)
  • Contribute to the reduction of morbidity linked to water-borne diseases, in partnership with health actors


The Country Director is the official representative of Solidarités International. He she :

  • Is responsible for the proper functioning of the mission.
  • Proposes, depending on the geopolitical and humanitarian context, the mission strategy and ensures its implementation once validated.
  • Controls and guarantees that projects are carried out in accordance with the Solidarités International charter and in compliance with internal and contractual procedures.
  • Mobilizes the material and financial resources necessary for the proper conduct of the programs and supervises their management.
  • Coordinate the teams in place and guarantee their safety on the mission.

He / she is the direct and privileged interlocutor of the headquarters of Solidarités International.

Main activities :

  • Coordination and strategic direction
  • Relevance and operational quality / monitoring of operations
  • Resource management
  • Human Resource Management
  • security
  • Donor relations / fundraising
  • Internal and external communication
  • Representation


Specific skills / experience required:

  • Minimum level BAC + 4 university degree in the humanitarian sector,
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in similar positions
  • Previous experience in CAR is appreciated
  • Experience in management and coordination of humanitarian projects
  • Strong management experience
  • Security management experience

Technical skills and knowledge

  • Capacity for negotiation and diplomacy vis-à-vis local authorities and state actors in the field.
  • Management and leadership skills, involves others to seek solutions and reacts quickly to new challenges.
  • Ability to develop and write project proposals.
  • Knowledge of donors and their requirements to facilitate project development.
  • Adaptability, flexibility and good resistance to stress
  • Ability to delegate, organize and plan.
  • Ability to identify problems and perform appropriate analyzes.
  • Ability to make and communicate clear, consistent and transparent decisions.
  • Ability to mobilize the necessary resources (human, financial, material).
  • Ability to align priorities with mission objectives


  • French English


Employee position:
Depending on experience, from 3,000 euros gross per month, (+ 10% paid vacation premium paid monthly, i.e. 3,300 euros gross per month),

  • Per Diem per month of 320,000 Cfa

SI also covers accommodation costs as well as travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of mission.

Social Security :

The expatriate benefits from quality social security coverage to cover all health costs and accident insurance including war risks.

Break: During the assignment, work-rest alternation is provided by breaks scheduled every three months with an allowance of 850 USD.

On the basis of a one-year assignment: breaks of 7 working days to 3, 6 and 9 months of assignment (with a participation of 850 USD paid by Solidarités).
To these break times, we must add the granting of an additional day of rest per month worked, ie 12 more days for a one-year contract.


Bangui is a medium-sized, very green, and fairly low-density city in which to get around is easy. The city is bordered to the south by the Oubangui river, on the banks of which there are bars, terraces and sports equipment: swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, a weight room … As a general rule, it is a fairly quiet city ; even if it is necessary to keep in mind the general fragility of the Central African context and the possibility of a deterioration of the security situation even in Bangui (scenario unlikely today but volatile context).

SI has two Guest houses in Bangui and the internet is fluctuating both at the office and in the two houses (some improvements are in progress). Electricity in the city is regularly cut, but the base has an inverter system and a generator to have current almost permanently. Expatriates have access to the medical-social center of the French Embassy (paid membership then treatment reimbursed by the SI mutual), and extensive medical tests can be carried out at the Pasteur Institute in Bangui. These two institutions are able to deal effectively with the majority of health problems.


Solidarités International recommends vaccination against Covid-19, via vaccines approved by the WHO. When possible, vaccination should be done before departure in order to alleviate logistical constraints once on mission.

How to apply

Do you recognize yourself in this description? If so, send us your CV and Cover Letter in French via this link: https://emea3.recruitmentplatform.com/syndicated/private/syd_apply.cfm?id=PSRFK026203F3VBQB6G8N8NMW&nPostingTargetID=63110 . Applications containing only CVs will not be considered.

Solidarités International reserves the right to close a recruitment before the expiry date of the advertisement. Thank you for your understanding.

Now that you have shown your interest by courageously following this announcement, you can go and find out more about Solidarités International!


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