RE-ADVERTISEMENT // Global Pool of Investigators for Adult Safeguarding, Child Safeguarding and Fraud/Corruption Investigations

Call for Expression of Interest // Framework Arrangement

Reference: NL-HO-0016


1. Purpose

The purpose of this call is to create a pool of Global Investigators, on the basis of Framework Arrangement, that can be available on-call if/when needed on very short notice in order to conduct investigations into Child Safeguarding, Adult Safeguarding and Fraud/Corruption concerns. Investigators must be available for short, medium and long term investigations and/or other assignments (like expert advice) which will be conducted remotely and/or in the relevant country office.

For every assignment, War Child will issue a detailed ToR of the assignment, indicating the specific need and deliverables. The method of issuance of such cut-off orders will be determined based on the outcome of this pre-qualification process, and successful bidders shall be notified of the method before signing the framework agreement.

Framework Agreement is not, in itself, a commitment to procure services. It states the conditions that would apply if War Child Holland decides to place an order.

2. Lots

Lot 1: Child Safeguarding;

Lot 2: Adult Safeguarding

Lot 3: Fraud/Corruption

Bidders are allowed to submit proposals for single or multiple Lots. For the latter, every Lot must be addressed as a separate submission.

3. Location

Europe, Middle East, Africa, Colombia and/or remotely (using digital meeting and communication devices)

4. Time frame

Two years as of date of signature of Framework Agreement

5. Background

WCH is committed to ensure the safety of the children we work for and the adults we work with. This commitment is made manifest in our Integrity Framework, a set of policies that are designed to uphold the safety and fundamental rights of everyone who takes part in WCH’s activities around the world. Our SpeakUp! Procedure provides safe and accessible channels to report Safeguarding and Fraud and Corruption concerns. WCH responds to all reported concerns or allegations coming from over 10 different countries where War Child operates, in a professional and timely manner. Reported issues are carefully reviewed and assessed and responses to allegations of misconduct will be survivor- centred and based on free informed consent of the survivor/reporting party. The handling of reported concerns may include investigations by an independent external expert who speaks the language of the country office and subjects involved in the investigation. Due process will be ensured: the rights of the subject of complaint will be respected and conclusions will be based on the balance of evidence.

6. Objectives:

To ensure that the investigation can be launched shortly after the incident is reported, WCH aims to establish a global pool of recognized and dedicated Investigators for Adult Safeguarding, Child Safeguarding and/or Fraud/Corruption. This pool will include experts from all countries where War Child works. The list will include experts in the different fields: Adult Safeguarding, Child Safeguarding and Fraud/Corruption. The investigative tasks require specific language skills: fluency in English and relevant dominant language of country office. The list will be regularly updated.

In case of an incident that requires investigation and/or other expert work, WCH will contact an Investigator in the Global Pool who – when available – will be responsible for planning and conducting the external investigation in alignment with the War Child’s Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), the respective Terms of Reference and under the management and close supervision of War Child’s Global Advisors on Integrity, Child Safeguarding and Fraud/Corruption).

7. Profile and requirements of candidates:

The external experts must have accumulated relevant contextual expertise in conducting investigations. The experts must be available on very short notice and ready to travel to different locations if required. Expert investigators must be able to work independently and ensure high quality interview statements, and draft high-quality in-depth reports which include case specific recommendations. The investigators must have a proven track record of successfully conducted investigations. All experts included in the list must provide at least 2 references. All candidates must ensure that investigations are professional, evidence-based, impartial, timely and documented.

WCH does not tolerate any form of conflict of interest. The external investigator must sign a Disclosure of Interest form. Furthermore, all parties involved in an investigation (including external investigation specialists/staff members and interpreters) working to support the investigation must sign a confidentiality and privacy agreement prior to the commencement of the investigation.

General requirements for all experts:

· Proven capacity to work with sensitive data and manage strictly confidential data in a systematic and structured method.

· Knowledge and experience with Legal and Law Enforcement (e.g. Police, Ministries) reporting requirements. Capable of providing referral/reporting advice depending on country contexts or global humanitarian approaches.

· The external expert must have appropriate cultural sensitivity, ensure respect of cultural and local practices conversations

· Fluent in English and at least one other language where WCH operates: Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch. More than two languages is highly appreciated.

· Experience in conducting investigations that involve local partners and multiple implementing agencies in coalition settings and/or consortia.

· Incident Investigation Report Writing experience

· Ability to remain impartial and provide impartial substantiated recommendations and advice for each case.

· Ability to work in different modalities (including online) and deliver in short time frames.

7.1. LOT 1: Specific additional requirements for Child Safeguarding applicants:

· A minimum of 3 years of experience in conducting multiple Child Safeguarding Incident Investigations

· Knowledge and skills on effective interviewing techniques and tools used during interviews with adults and children

· Knowledge and experience working with Children Legal Frameworks, UN Convention of The Rights of the Child (CRC), Humanitarian Law, Secretary General’s Bulletin on PSEA, CHS Alliance Guidelines for Investigations.

· Knowledge and skills in respecting cultural and local practices conversations versus maintaining child rights and the best interest of the child during the investigation process.

7.2. LOT 2: Specific additional requirements for Adult Safeguarding applicants:

· A minimum of 3 years of experience in conducting multiple Adult Safeguarding and Integrity Investigations

· Knowledge and skills on interviewing techniques and tools used to interview adults

· Sound knowledge of implementation of survivor-centered approach and all relevant dimensions of the informed consent process

· Proven previous expertise conducting investigation into reported Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment cases

· Knowledge and experience working with relevant legal frameworks, Humanitarian Law, Secretary General’s Bulletin on PSEA, CHS Alliance Guidelines for Investigations.

7.3. LOT 3: Specific additional requirements for Fraud/Corruption applicants:

· The consultant/firm should be a reputable auditing /consulting/ forensic accounting firm, with a dedicated fraud and corruption investigation service.

· The consultant/Lead team member of the firm should be a Certified Forensic Accountant or Certified Fraud Examiner or equivalent with minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of Fraud and corruption investigation in an International Non-government organization.

· Should demonstrate practical experience in providing support to complex internal and external fraud investigations involving multiple implementing partners and service providers/vendors.

· Should be able to apply special skills in accounting, auditing finance, quantitative methods, certain areas of the law, research, and investigative skills, to collect, analyze and evaluate evidential matter, and to interpret and communicate findings.

· Ability to investigate fraud and corruption cases in war/post war countries.

8. Evaluation of proposals:

The evaluation of proposals will be done based on the Most Economically Advantageous Tender method, taking into account both the technical quality and price offer on the 65 – 35 points scale for technical and price components, respectively.

9. Proposal Submission

This opportunity is open to all qualified consultants.

The following should be included in the proposal:

a) The sample methodology to be used based on past experience on similar assignment;

b) CVs of the proposed consultants (including 3 professional references each);

c) Hourly rate of proposed consultant (one rate per Lot).

The Consultant will have to make provisions for covering the costs associated with the following:

· Conducting investigation, including information collection and analysis, report writing and editing costs;

· Secretarial/office-related costs which may include communications (phone, fax, telecommunications, mail, photocopying etc), report production and secretarial services are considered to be included within the fee rate of the Consultant. No costs of this nature may be charged in addition.

Should there be need for travel, War Child will cover the cost of, or arrange for, transport.


You can find herein War Child’s answers to questions received. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Question 1.0:

We would like to respond to the abovementioned opportunity to provide investigative services to your organisation.

However, we cannot locate the detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) on your website.


The RFP is the published information (ToR). We tried to keep it short.

If you feel any crucial information is missing, or have any specific question, please feel free to let us know.

Question 2.0

The scope of work covers a very large geographic field. You have asked for hourly rates (one per Lot). Is it possible to:

2.1. Provide a range of rates by grade?

2.2. Provide rates by geographic area, for example, continent by continent?


2.1. No. This is not a position-based consultancy, and we expect that the tasks to be performed are relatively standard.

The rate per hour charged for an investigation does not vary based on the geographical location. It is standard and we do not reveal any range. We will select and score a bidders based on their financial offers as well.

2.2. No. We do not accept different rates for different geographical areas. If the investigation takes place in Syria (remotely), for example, the rate for a similar investigation in the Netherlands (remotely or on location) shouldn’t differ.

Question 3. Lastly, might you be able to provide guidance on the number of CVs you would be interested in?

Answer: CVs of the consultants that you will assign to work with War Child if you are selected.

Question 4.0:

Please clarify which locations War Child Holland (“WCH”) requires coverage for each Lot? Page 1 of the EOI lists “*Africa, EU 27, Europe Non EU 27, Bahrain, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemen*”. However, Section 3 on Page 2 lists “*Europe, Middle East, Africa, Colombia”.* Should We respond to the EOI on the basis that WCH will requires services to be performed in all countries in which the organization operates as described on WCH’s website?

Answer: Yes, please respond on the basis of all countries where War Child is operating (currently Bangladesh, Burundi, Chad, Colombia, DR Congo, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, occupied Palestinian territory, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Sudan, Sweden, Syria, and Uganda).

Question 5.0: We understand that WCH is looking for a pool of Global Investigators. For LOT 3 in the additional requirements it is stated that “*The consultant/firm should be a reputable auditing/consulting/forensic accounting firm, with a dedicated fraud and corruption investigation service*.” This is not mentioned for LOT 1 and LOT 2. Is WCH looking for individual consultants for LOT 1 and LOT 2 only, or could a firm as described in LOT 3 (“*reputable auditing/consulting/forensic accounting firm”*) also qualify?

Answer: Yes, a firm is also eligible for Lot 1, and Lot 2, same as Lot 3.

Question 6.0:

Section 9 of the EOI request that “The following should be included in the proposal … (b) CVs of the proposed consultants (including 3 professional references each)”. We can provide three references from clients we have provided relevant services for recently (as opposed to references for specific individual team members) – please can you confirm this is sufficient for the purposes of the EoI?


At this point, we’re asking for 3 references for every consultant that will work with War Child, should your proposal be accepted. This is for both bidders competing as a firm as well as those going as individual consultant.

Should we need additional references about selected bidders’ company, we shall contact you separately and request same.

Question 7.0:

Section 9 of the EOI requests that “*The following should be included in the proposal … (c) Hourly rate of proposed consultant (one rate per Lot)*”. Is WCH prepared to accept a different rate card for each regional location or are We required to provide one rate card that covers all the locations in which We and the WCH operates?

Answer: Please refer to our previous answer in 2.2 above.

How to apply

All questions for clarification and submission of proposals can be done through The deadline for submission of proposals is August 31st, 2021 at 17:00 Local time of the Netherlands. Late submissions will not be accepted.**

All consultants must sign and adhere to War Child Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy and our Anti-Fraud and Anti-corruption policy – all of which will be made available to successful applicants before signing the Framework Agreement. Please note that War Child implements a zero-tolerance policy for breaches and is a member of the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme

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