Request for Proposal (RFP) : Business Opportunity Strategy Development at FHI 360

The fiveour-year, USAID-funded EpiC/Thailand project will manage and implement a set of interventions to reduce HIV transmission among men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM), male sex workers (MSW), and transgender women (TGW) populations and to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Thailand. The project will supports the implementation of activities that demonstrate marked improvements in access to and uptake of HIV testing, care, support, and treatment services in Bangkok, ChonburiPattaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nonthaburi, Patumthani, Phitsanulok, Samutprakarn, Song Khla, andHat Yai, Ubon Rratchathani., Chonburi, Patumthani, Samutprakran, Nonthaburi and Chiang Rai.

In EpiC project, the sSustainabilityle iswas one of the main goalskey priorities under the EpiC program. The project that aims to assisted community-based organizations (CBOs) to diversify funding and/or to start its owning business that have social purposes to create impacts under or the Social Enterprise (SE) model.

The role of private sector was raisedhas been more engaging in development work to help the global community to achieve because of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs that developed by the United Nations sincein 2015. All the parties , that including governments, NGOs and private sector mutually agreedare intended to achieve the SDGs by the year 2030.

In Thailand, the Social Enterprise Promotion Act has been effectivewas passed since 2019 and the key objectives of this act were are to formally recognizezing a the social enterprise as another business formentity and to setbe entitled to a variety of the benefits of a social enterprise.

From above mentionedTherefore, EpiC Thailand would like to seek the business advicse and mentorship from a specialized business entity to createformulate business opportunitiesy boththrough a partnership [A(JA6] [TS7] with a private sector under the thru SDGs approach and by setting up the a new social enterprise based on CBO’s interests and strengths.


· Have at least five (5) years of Eexperience within the social enterprise in Thailand **

· Expertise in social enterprise development **

· Expertise in social enterprise law and ecosystem in Thailand**

· Have a strong experience on SDGs and Corporate Share Value (CSV) concepts **

· Have Fa strong experience in financial management experience with including but not limited to planning, forecasting, and business analyses; and have prior experience as an advisor to or executive at an early-stage company is a plus

· Experience in conducting market research, including analyzing and synthesizing research reports and conducting primary research studies

· Have knowledge An understanding of related to marketing channels and go-to-market strategies

· Have Excellent spoken and written communication skills;

· Have experience in comfort reaching out to and interviewing the company’s management, employees, and customers base


The vendor shall perform will provide the following tasks below:

The required tasks are the following:

Item 1: Development of the a new Social Enterprise(s) **

1.1 The vendor will conduct online session(s) to all EpiC Thailand community partners on Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs and HIV/AIDS or Health or Gender Inclusion and Inclusion and how to find the business opportunity inside their organization based on their organizational strengths. This session will be aimed aims but not limits to get igniting idea and receive get buy-in to start SE forming selected CBOs.

1.2 The vendor will identify the strengths, and opportunities of selected CBOs to develop a new social enterprise.

1.3 The vendor will conduct the stakeholder outreach starting with from an individual interview with all the members of selected organizations, and a key stakeholders in the project, and potential as well as the business partners sector.

1.4 The vendor will define the venture structure(s) of a new social enterprise (s).

1.5 The vendor will develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan(s).

1.6 The vendor will develop the impact measurement plans of a the new social enterprise(s).

Item 2: Development of private sector partnership model underthrow SDGs approach

2.1 The vender will conduct online session to all EpiC Thailand community partners on Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs and HIV/AIDS or Health or Gender Inclusion. This session will be aimed but not limit to our partners to understand the importance and relationship of SDGs and their work, what are the complements to their work. This session might include in item no.1.1 task.

2.1 The vendor will conduct an assessment to identify values and key identities of KPLHS model and develop frameworks to achieve SDGs.

2.2 The vendor will identify opportunities or share values (CSV model) between private sector/government / educational sector and another related supporting organizations.

2.3 The vendor will develop models/activities/projects on private partnership and try-outtrial selected models.

2.4 The vendor will summarize the successful models in a reporting format and present to EpiC Thailand partners.


1.Enterprising Planning (Venture Structure Design)
Define the appropriate SE structure set up Guidance, and ensure the structure operating smoothly

  • Social Enterprise Business Model Canvas
  • Venture Enterprise Structure Guideline
  • Marketing strategy and implementation plan
  • Impact Measurement Guidelines

2.Private Partnership model under SDGs approach Develop private partnership model for the services under KPLHS

  • Product and services development plan (Cost structure, services fee and etc.)
  • Marketing strategy and implementation plan
  • Potential list of business partners
  • etc.

Payment term:

50% after the contract has been signed by both parties

50% after completing and submission of deliverables 1 and 2

How to apply

Proposal due date on July 8,2021. Interested parties should send the required document to email: and

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