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Terms of Reference

Job Title: Senior Public Financial Management Advisor (International)

Purpose: To provide direct advice and support to assist Executive Office of MF (Minister and Vice Minister) and relevant Directorates under reform plan to further develop and implement the Fiscal and PFM Reform including Asset management reform.

Reporting to: Minister and Vice Minister of Finance

Counterpart(s): Executive Office of Minister, VM and other key MF employees

Classification: C3.3 Specialised Professional

TOR Reference: July 2021

Duration: One year with the possibility of extension based on performance and funding availability

Location: Ministry of Finance, Dili, Timor-Leste

I. Selection Criteria


  1. A relevant Master’s degree or equivalent professional experience in accounting, finance, business administration, economics or related fields from an internationally recognised University;
  2. Significant work experience in Public Financial Management (PFM) reform;
  3. Minimum ten years’ working experience in specialised area with Government sector in Finance Departments;
  4. Experience in working in a national Treasury Department and in national level planning and budgeting;
  5. Experience in implementation of a large country wide IT based Public Financial Management Platform;
  6. Hands on experience in organizing and facilitating, meetings, training, and workshops;
  7. A proven record of team working;
  8. A sound knowledge of financial and data processing, and analysis tools;
  9. Knowledge of, and ability to apply a range of capacity building modalities;
  10. Strong communication skills, notably with second language English speakers;
  11. Demonstrated ability to build effective working relationships;
  12. High proficiency in the use of standard software packages such as Excel and Word.


· Have prior experience working with Ministry of Finance, Government of Timor-Leste and have relevant experience working with the development partners;

· Prior experience of working with Petroleum Fund of Timor-Leste will be an added advantage;

· Knowledge of Timor-Leste and the ability to communicate in one of the official languages (Tetun, Portuguese) will be an added advantage;

II. Background

The Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste (MFTL) is the central body of the Government of Timor-Leste, responsible for drafting, executing, coordinating and assessing the policies defined and approved by the Council of Ministers for areas of annual planning and monitoring, budget and finance. It is mandated to undertake functions related to macroeconomic policy (in collaboration with the Central Bank) and to propose policies and draft laws and regulations in tax and non-tax revenues. MF is under the Minister of Finance and carries out its responsibilities through central services integrated in the direct administration of the State. The VIII Constitutional Government has been committed to improving the functioning of the Public Administration and has launched a broad programme of administrative reforms aimed at strengthening the improvement of the functioning of the State’s direct and indirect administration. These reforms are planned for the period from 2019 to 2023. These initiatives complement other institutional strengthening programmes that are also envisaged or underway, including reforms of fiscal and financial management, reforms of the legislative and judicial sector and reforms of administrative decentralisation. These reforms, which are planned for the period from 2019 to 2023 and are anchored in the Programme of the VIII Constitutional Government.

As a part of reform agenda MF has desired to implement PFM reform plan, improve the capacities of the personnel, develop and enhance tax administration, implement advanced ICT tools for integrated financial processes, move towards accrual basis of accounting and improvements in structure of budget and accounts classification for improved decision making, improvements in management of state assets, facilitate non –oil revenue growth and to administer public debt instruments to support financing of government budgets.

In this context, services of a Senior PFM Advisor is sought to assist Ministry of Finance (MF), Government of Timor-Leste for implementation of PFM Reform Strategy as stated above.

III. Scope of Work


  1. Review the PEFA and other Diagnostic Reports prepared by the Development Partners and other National Documents and Reports to identify Key PFMS Reform parameters and prepare a concept document on Timor-Leste PFMS Reform for consideration of the Government. (· PFM Reform Concept prepared).
  2. Assist MF to redesign and finalise the PFM reform strategy document on identified areas of the reform. The areas may include but not limited to Medium Term Fiscal/Budget/Expenditure Frameworks, Tax and Customs reforms for domestic revenue, planning and budgetary reforms, and harmonisation of IT platforms, public investment management, procurement, decentralization, petroleum fund utilisation, capacity building and oversight mechanisms. The document to include sequencing, monitoring and reporting of the reform process. (· Ministry of Finance PFM Reform Strategy document are prepared and finalised).
  3. Assist Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders in agreed phased implementation of the PFMS Reforms. (· Minister’s level of satisfaction with effective assistance provided; · Quarterly reports to the MF Executive Office on implementation)
  4. Support MF to reactivate PFMCBP to have a proper design, modules, certification as well as TOT on PFM areas. (· Quarterly reports from PFMCBP Coordinator; · Reactivation of PFMCBP effectively implemented)
  5. Advice MF on Action Plan to have a country PFM system, interface/ integration of MF system with other platforms for interoperability. (· Document and Action Plan for Country wide PFM system prepared)
  6. Support MF on setting a medium term plan on transition from cash based accounting to accrual based accounting and other related issues. (· Medium Term Plan prepared by MF).
  7. Assist MF to review the COA to improve the budget classification by sector and function following GFS/ International standard to facilitate M&E and reporting. (· Revised COA prepared and configured and implemented in the FMIS System; · Number of recommendations agreed to and implemented; · Effectiveness of recommendations on budget classification and ensure it complied with international standards).
  8. Support MF to streamline the program budgeting to further facilitate the MTEF strategic policy. (· Program Budgeting classification document prepared by MF and implemented in line ministries).
  9. Support MF in revamping and modernising the Customs, Tax, MF special regimes. (· Tax regimes plans and laws framed and implemented).
  10. Support and advice MF on implementing Public Debt Instruments as potential financial resource. (· Document on Public Debt Instruments prepared).
  11. Assist and support MF for asset valuation and management. (· Revised guidelines and action plan issued and implemented).
  12. Assist MF to coordinate and supervise reports to the Chamber of Auditors and other relevant entities. (· Timely submission of reports to Chamber of Auditors and others; · Assistance provided to the Minister and Vice Minister proactively and timely).
  13. Assist and support MF for other incidental activities as listed above and perform other task such as transfer of knowledge on PFM for MoF relevant staffs. (· Submit reports and recommendations as necessary; · Ensure that all knowledge transfer is properly done to MF relevant staffs).

IV. Key Deliverables

In accordance with the performance indicators listed above and the following:

·Within four weeks of commencement, develop an Activity Work Plan that is consistent with the relevant activities and performance indicators of the Ministry’s 5 Year Plan and submitted to the General Directorate/National Directorate/Work Units;

·Quarterly Progress Reports to the Minister and Vice Minister, against the agreed Work Plan;

·End of Assignment report to the Minister and Vice Minister; no later than 10 working days prior to the end of contract.

·Inputs into MF progress Reports.

V. Performance Evaluation

The performance of the incumbent will be appraised and evaluated by the Minister and/or Vice Minister with and through The Executive Office of Minister, using the Performance Appraisal System put in place and monitored by the National Directorate of Human Resource (NDRH), GDCS, Ministry of Finance. This process will include a probation review within two (2) months of the commencement of the contract, regular reporting, ongoing workplace communications and annual performance appraisal. Performance indicators are in place for all areas within the Ministry, and the incumbent’s work will be contributing to the achievement of the priorities as set out in their TOR and in the Ministry’s Five Year Plan.

How to apply

República Democrática de Timor-Leste

Ministério das Finanças

Direção Geral dos Serviços Corporativos

*“Seja um bom cidadão, seja um novo herói para a nossa Nação”**

Oficio No.: 368 /Gab. DGSC/MoF/VIII/2021

Dili, 3rd August 2021


I. JOB TITLE: Senior Public Financial Management Advisor (International)

II. Terms of Reference


III. Application procedure

Please visit our website at and go to ‘Employment Opportunities’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address your application.

Applications need to be addressed to the Director National of Human Resources, at email address, , no later than 17:00 hours Timor-Leste time on Tuesday, 24th August 2021.

Applications should include (a) a covering letter (b) a detailed resume of no more than 7 pages and (c) response to the selection criteria.

All applicants must answer clearly the selection criteria, that can be found at delineating how they have met the requirements. We do not expect that you would just cut and paste from your resume but rather explain concisely and succinctly how you have met these competences, possibly providing brief examples etc.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Subject to Criminal Record Check.

Joanico Pinto

General Director of Corporate Services

Ministry of Finance, RDTL

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