Senior Technical Consultant at Chemonics

Position Title: Senior Technical Consultant- Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Supply Chains

Classification: CCN (Local) Short Term Consultancy

Level of Effort: 70 Days

Period of Performance: June 15 – September 30, 2021

Location: Nigeria (with travel to 11 state plus FCT)

A. Background: The purpose of the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program–Procurement and Supply Management Project single award IDIQ contract is to ensure uninterrupted supplies of health commodities to prevent suffering, save lives, and create a brighter future for families around the world. The IDIQ has four task orders that directly support the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)-Task Order 1, the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)-Task Order 3, USAID’s family planning and reproductive health program -Task Order 2 and USAID’s Maternal Newborn and Child Health Program- Task Order 4. To support U.S. government-funded global health activities, GHSC-PSM manages a wide array of health commodity procurement services and provides related systems-strengthening technical assistance encompassing all elements of a comprehensive supply chain. At the country level, GHSC-PSM implements all four Task Orders and supports country strategies and priorities that fall under the following three project objectives:

● Global commodity procurement and logistics

● Systems strengthening technical assistance

● Global collaboration to improve long-term availability of health commodities

GHSC-PSM has experience supporting the development and operation, harnessing best practices through private sector operation, two pharmaceutical-grade warehousing facilities in Abuja and Lagos.

This effort is financed by the FMOH, USAID and the Global Fund. FMOH, the counterpart to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), provided the land asset for the warehouse facilities. The goals for financing and developing the warehouses, as elaborated in the MoU were to address ongoing challenges in medical warehousing relating to inventory management, human resources and quality assurance. The MoU had anticipated that a private sector operator, to be jointly identified by the USAID/Nigeria and FMOH, would provide the quality assurance and operational sophistication required to maintain the facilities to best practice standards. Two warehouse facilities (“Abuja Premier Medical Warehouse” and “Lagos Federal Central Medical Warehouse”) were built in Abuja and Oshodi, Lagos to assist in the efficient and effective storage and management of pharmaceutical products and related pharmaceuticals in accordance with international best practices to enhance public health in Nigeria.

Across most GHSC-PSM supported states, a significant gap exists in the availability of adequately sized and effectively maintained pharmaceutical grade storage facilities. In 2019, at the request of the Nasarawa state Government, GHSC-PSM provided technical assistance for warehousing assessment of the state Central Medical Store (CMS), and subsequent development of a blueprint for upgrade of the CMS to a pharmaceutical grade warehouse.

GHSC-PSM will be expanding this technical assistance to 11 focus states plus the FCT. This intervention will also support the strengthening of governance structures to manage Public Private Partnerships (PPP) at the state level. Furthermore, it will optimize the public health supply chain in Nigeria and strengthen the capacity of the GON (national and state) to own and sustain the efforts with an intensive state focused strategy and a drive towards sustainability.


This scope of work (SOW) sets forth the professional services to be provided by the Consultant to SAII Associates Ltd/Gte, an associate company of Chemonics International Inc. The objective of this billable short-term assignment is to serve as a Technical Consultant- PPP for the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program (GHSC) – Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) project. The period of performance is June 15 to September 30, 2021 with an estimated level of effort (LOE) of 70 days.

The Technical Consultant – PPP will provide technical assistance to establish PPP options in the area of Warehousing & Distribution (W&D) of health commodities. More specifically, the Technical Consultant PPP will facilitate the promotion of the private sector as a major third-party provider of management services for warehousing and distribution operations in11target states plus the FCT. Based on further discussions with USAID, the Target States may change.

The main tasks to be performed are listed below (but not limited to):

  • Research of lessons learned applicable to different models of running state-level PPPs around warehousing and last mile distribution (LMD)
  • Develop context specific state-level roadmaps to guide the implementation of warehouse concession and third-party logistics management of LMD in Target States
  • Develop context specific state-level investment case including analysis of different PPP model options
  • Conduct a desk review existing contractual framework in Nigeria in support of PPPs based on recommendations by the federal level Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC)
  • Facilitate the establishing a functioning PPP in at least one state during the duration of the assignment
  • Organize and facilitate a final brown-bag meeting to discuss SOW, results of the assignment and next steps and recommendations. Target audience is USAID, GHSC-PSM, target states and stakeholders from other interested states.


The following deliverables and schedule are expected of the Consultant.

  1. Inception report and draft implementation plan. Due by 3rd business day from start date.
  2. Bi-weekly progress reports. Due by every other Friday during period of engagement.
  3. Researching lessons learned applicable to state level PPPs around W&D. Due by 10 business days from start date.
  4. Develop context specific state-level PPP management plans/roadmaps to guide the implementation of warehouse concession and third-party logistics management of LMD in three states. Due by 20 business days from start date.
  5. Develop context specific state-level investment case including analysis of different PPP model options. Due by 30 business days from start date.
  6. Review, propose and support the establishment of a suitable institutional and contractual framework including internal structures and external environment in support of PPPs. Due by 40 business days from start date.
  7. Facilitate establishing a PPP in at least one state during the duration of the assessment. Due by 60 business days from start.
  8. Final brown-bag discussing processes, outcome and recommendations. Target audience is USAID, GHSC-PSM and state level stakeholders. Due by 65 business days from start date.
  9. Submission of final activity report. Due by 70 business days from start date

The Consultant shall deliver to USAID GHSC-PSM the following deliverables, in accordance with the schedule set forth in the table above.

Deliverable No. 1: Inception report + implementation plan

Deliverable 1 is a Microsoft Word narrative and accompanying Excel Gantt chart that provides an updated and detailed description and chronology of activities required to complete the scope of work. The narrative should 2- 3 pages maximum with an accompanying GANTT chart.

Deliverable No. 2: Bi-weekly progress report

Bi-weekly outputs of the activities as defined in the implementation plan should be shared by COB Friday every other week during the contract period. The Consultant shall prepare a progress report outlining the progress to date (including insights from the reviews, recommendations, stakeholders’ engagements and incorporation/finalization of documents in all focus areas of the work). The report must be a one-to-two-page document in Word or PowerPoint format and include achievements and next steps. The report should be presented using the GHSC-PSM template and should be professionally copy edited. **

Deliverable No. 3: Researching lessons learned applicable to state level PPPs around W&D

Deliverable 3 is a word document drafted in the format of a technical report including an executive summary with necessary tables, illustrations and graphics that presents analysis from the findings of the review, key result, and a clear description of the recommendations for intervention area and how it addresses the identified capacity gaps. Methodologies employed may include desk review, interviews with key opinion leaders etc. This deliverable will include an analysis of PPP related legislation, institutional arrangements, and other matters included in this SOW. It is expected that the consultants will detail as successful and unsuccessful projects in selected states. The report will also look at problems that have arisen since and what issues need to be addressed in future contracts to resolve or at least address the initial and subsequent concerns. The consultant is expected to collect materials; copies of laws and standard contracts, visit executed projects, meet private sector counterparts and obtain a picture of issues concerning PPP. The report shall further include a plan for identifying stakeholders’ interests and actions proposed to address the concerns.

The finalized documents will also be summarized into a slide deck for concise reporting to stakeholders. The slide deck should contain approximately 15-30 slides or as directed by USAID GHSC-PSM during post-engagement discussions.

Deliverable No. 4: Develop context specific state-level PPP management plan to guide the implementation of warehouse concession and third-party logistics management of LMD in three states

Deliverable 4 comprises 1) a Microsoft document which summarizes the process development of strategic plan to roll-out PPP. This deliverable will fully identify and proffer recommendation for areas requiring improvement in the documents. 2) a PPP management plan including infographics detailing steps for implementing PPP for W&D in at least one state. The roadmap shall include governance elements for managing PPPs, including coordination framework between cross-sector donor initiatives in target states, capacity building amongst others.

This deliverable also consists of a 15-20 slide deck which summarizes the document review and its recommendations.

Deliverable No. 5: Develop context specific state-level investment case including analysis of different PPP model options

Deliverable 5 comprises a print ready PowerPoint which outlines state specific warehousing and logistics business/investment case. It will include analysis of PPP options which will be based on input from a wide range of stakeholders. It will include an analysis of the relative value for money and returns on investment of the different delivery models. The document will have a brief description of the methodology used for developing the business case and the PPP options.

Deliverable No. 6: Review and propose suitable institutional and contractual framework including internal structures and external environment in support of PPPs in three states

Deliverable 5 comprises a Microsoft document which proposes suitable PPP related roles and responsibilities of institutions in the states including contracting authorities. The consultant must seek the opinion of various stakeholders from a wide range of ministries, departments and agencies at the state level. Finally, the consultant must consider the positioning of a Central PPP authority for the implementation/management and compliance for W&D. The document will also recommend construction requirements, hand-back modalities (where applicable), contract management, regulation and enforcement modalities. This deliverable will be considered complete when a PPP guideline is ratified by the state leadership.

The second component of the deliverable consists of a summarized slide deck of 15-20 slides which summarizes the PPP institutional and contractual recommendations.

Deliverable No. 7: A PPP in place in at least one state

Deliverable 8 comprises a Microsoft document detailing the process of establishing a PPP in at least one state. This deliverable shall be considered complete when there is a functional PPP governance structure in place, tender documents have been developed, evaluation criteria for the PPP have been set. Further there should be service level agreements (SLA) and management contract in place between the state (s) governments and a service provider (s).

Deliverable No. 8: Final brown-bag discussing processes, outcome and recommendations.

Deliverable 8 comprises a Microsoft word report, summary Power-point slide deck of PPP process, outcomes, lessons learned and recommendations. The target audience is USAID, GHSC-PSM and state level stakeholders

Deliverable No. 9: Submission of final activity report

Deliverable 9 comprises a Comprehensive Narrative Microsoft word report, summary Power-point slide deck and final soft copies of all data collected, reviewed and developed documents.

Final payment will be contingent upon formal acceptance and the submission of all work product accomplished under the planned contract.

Qualifications of Consultant

· Advanced degree in Law, Business Administration, Project Management, Logistics Management or other relevant fields

· Minimum of 10 years’ experience in providing technical assistance for strategic activities in Nigeria specifically for strategic planning, project evaluation, design and procurement is required

· Minimum 3 years’ experience and knowledge of executing and designing Public Private Partnership programs and projects in a developing country environment

· Experience in structuring transactions involving build operate and transfer or rehabilitate operate and transfer (BOT/ROT), Concessions, Delegated Management, Project Finance

· Experience in organizational structures that include but not limited to the analysis and design of public enterprises and industrial relations is required

· Fluency in English is required

· Ability to travel within Nigeria is a must (The Consultant will be required to travel to states of assessment and engage with Government Officials.)


The Technical Consultant- PPP will report directly to GHSC-PSM Deputy Country Director- Technical or designee

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