The Contractor will produce three videos for STRIVE Global Program’s visibility with a special focus on the implementation of its activities, its results, and the impact achieved.

The three videos include the following:

  • A three-minute-long video on the work that local partners carried out within the STRIVE Global Program, highlighting the innovative approaches, good practices, and real impacts;
  • A one-minute-long promotional video summarizing the goal of the program, the capacity building approach used with the grantees, the geographic areas covered and thematic;
  • A one-minute-long promotional video showing the impact achieved by the program.

Hedayah will provide the materials (including footage) for the video production: relevant information about the program, projects’ description, pictures and videos, Communication and Visibility Requirements for European Union External Actions and Hedayah visibility and branding guidelines.

The videos will gain visibility on Hedayah’s website and other media platforms under the STRIVE Global program.

Scope of Work

PHASE I: Design and Conceptualization

Hedayah will brief the Contractor on the program and will provide all the information and media materials. The Contractor will be responsible for analyzing all the provided program information and media materials. The Contractor will submit to Hedayah an inception report proposing, at least, two different scripts and initial storyboards for each video.

PHASE II: Development of videos’ demo version

Upon Hedayah’s selection and feedback, the Contractor will work on the development of the storyboards based on the final scripts selected for each video.
Upon feedback from Hedayah on the storyboards, the Contractor will develop a full draft of the videos.
The Contractor will ensure Hedayah’s and European Union’s visibility.

PHASE III: Development of the videos’ final version

Upon Hedayah’s feedback on the three videos in full draft versions, the Contractor will work on the final version. The Contractor will provide three videos by the end of the contract.

Expertise Requirements & Facilities

In order to deliver an appropriate product, reach the objective and achieve the expected results of this contract, the Contractor will assign for the performance of the different activities, if required, the appropriate expert/s with extensive experience in video production. The Contractor will have to prove in his offer that s/he has access to the appropriate expert/s with the required profile. The Contractor shall select and hire other media experts as required according to the project needs. The selection procedures used by the Contractor to select these other experts shall be transparent and based on pre-defined criteria, including professional qualifications and work experience. The costs for backstopping and support staff, as needed, are considered to be included in the tenderer’s financial offer. Specific skills include:

  • Produce high-quality content with broadcast-quality audio and video;
  • Convert complex information into digestible and innovative content that gets to the core of the story;
  • Exceptional communication skills, sensitivity to others and strong coordination skills, and understanding the importance of being professional at all times;
  • Collaborate closely with Hedayah’s communications team on story preparation, any video shooting, and post-production;
  • Secure content creation release forms, model releases, and obtain licenses or permits as needed.
  • Access to stock footage libraries that will not incur any additional costs to Hedayah.

Submission of Proposals & Selection Criteria

Contractors interested in applying to this tender should send the proposal providing the following documents and information:

  • Cover letter (with date and signature) indicating the tender reference and a list of the documents attached.
  • A technical proposal (following Annex III template) including all the requirements mentioned in this ToR, with a clear description of the operational work, background/expertise of the contractor and a list with the members of the team proposed with a brief description or curriculum vitae of each staff technical profile.
  • A financial proposal/budget forecast in EURO including a price breakdown based on the outputs/deliverables in this Terms of Reference.
  • Documentary proof or statements are required under the law of the country in which the company is effectively established.
  • Duly authorized signature: an official document (statutes, power of attorney, notary statement, etc.) proving that the person who signs on behalf of the company is authorized to do so.
  • Relevant sample of previous work done of similar characteristics.




How to apply

Offers should be sent by COB 1 August 2021 to the following e-mail address: strive.admin@hedayah.ae with the subject “video tender”

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