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ASP was founded in December 2016 as an independent research project jointly hosted by the Williams Institute and the Health and Human Rights Law Project, UCLA School of Law. ASP registered as an independent charitable foundation in Liechtenstein in December 2017 and with the Charities Commission in England and Wales in 2020. ASP continues to maintain a strong intellectual partnership with UCLA School of Law and conducts its research following UCLA Institutional Review Board approvals.

Mission: ASP’s MISSION is to support global efforts to eradicate CRSV and strengthen national and international responses through research and action on CRSV against men and boys, including those with diverse SOGIESC, as well as other people with diverse SOGIESC.


Treasurer Role Profile

The Treasurer is a trustee, an officer of the organisation’s Trustee Board and not a paid staff member. The role of the Treasurer is to ensure that the finances and the supporting financial control systems are kept in order. The organisation employs a Finance and Operations Manager, and it is this person who will carry out the day-to- day finance functions of ASP.

The Treasurer will help to maintain an overview of the organisation’s affairs, ensuring its financial viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.

Treasurer: Main Duties and Responsibilities

These duties and qualities are in addition to the general Trustee role profile

  • Guiding and advising the Board in the approval of budgets, accounts and financial statements, within a relevant financial policy framework;
  • Keeping the Board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities;
  • Advising on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic plans and key assumptions in the Business Development Plan and annual budget;
  • Ensuring that all Board members have a clear understanding of the accounts presented at meetings and the implications that they reveal;
  • Understanding the accounting procedures and key internal controls to be able to assure the Board that the charity’s financial integrity is sound;
  • Ensuring that a realistic budget is produced which meets all the organisation’s needs and that there is an appropriate reserves policy;
  • Monitoring the organisation’s income and expenditure position, and presenting reports to the Board at least quarterly, in a format accessible to the board members;
  • Ensuring that full financial records are kept for all transactions, and that proper professional financial procedures and controls are in place to safeguard the organisation’s resources;
  • Ensuring that money received is only spent on the purposes for which it was given, and, where required, ensuring that reports and accounts demonstrating this are submitted to funders;
  • Ensuring that accounts are prepared at year-end in compliance with the SORP Accounting for Charities and making arrangements for them to be audited or independently examined, as required by the Charity Commission and Companies House;
  • Ensuring that annual accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission and/or Registrar of Companies, within the deadlines set;
  • Presenting the accounts at the AGM and drawing attention to important points in a coherent and understandable way;
  • Liaising with the Executive Director, and, more specifically, the Finance and Operations Manager about the implementation of the above financial matters;
  • Ensuring that the Chair and Trustee Board are provided effective financial management accounts and budgets.

Person specification

The Treasurer is likely to have many of the skills and qualities, below:

  • Financial qualifications and financial experience.
  • Proven ability to communicate and explain financial information.
  • Analytical and evaluation skills, demonstrating good judgement.
  • Skills and experience in commercial strategic planning and business management.
  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.
  • Good communication and leadership skills.
  • An interest and commitment to the organisation’s cause and objectives and willingness to engage in representational duties if required.
  • The Treasurer must be a proactive board member who can help to take the organisation’s objectives forward.
  • Be in a position to lead a small finance sub-committee to work with the Finance and Operations Manager, as well as the Executive Director and Founder, as required.
  • A team-oriented approach to problem solving and to management. Time commitment
  • Three board meetings a year
  • Three finance sub-committee meetings a year
  • Ad hoc liaison with management, especially the Finance and Operations Manager
  • Meetings are held in central London or electronically

How to apply

To express interest in this trustee position please send a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the relevant role and how you believe your skills could benefit ASP, along with a CV outlining your relevant experience to

ASP is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications regardless of sex, age, ability, race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

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