Consultancy for Project Baseline Study: Greening Red Cross and Red Crescent Disaster Risk Reduction At American Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross in partnership with the American Red Cross will be conducting a Baseline Study for the project “Greening Red Cross and Red Crescent Disaster Risk Reduction: Saving Lives through Working with Nature”.

The baseline will be conducted using mixed method using both qualitative means as well as quantitative methods to measure baseline status of knowledge, attitude, and practice towards disaster risk and preparedness as well as natural resource/ecosystem management, use, protection and restoration of the targeted population. Primary data will be validated using relevant secondary data.

The selected consultant(s) will be responsible to ensure that the baseline of the Greening Red Cross and Red Crescent Disaster Risk Reduction meets standard evaluation and research. The scope of work must include:

i. Provide a complete inception report. The inception report will be submitted once the candidate is selected. While all candidates are expected to submit a Baseline Proposal during administrative recruitment stage, the inception report will be developed under consultation with AmCross and the implementing partners. The inception report must include 1) evaluation purpose; (2) scope of work; (3) indicators measurement; (4) respondents with description of target population, important characteristics, context of the project, the proposed sample formula, sampling allocation and selection criteria, justification of sample weight (if needed), and response rate; (5) data collection instrument; (6) work plan provided in a table comprised of activities, days, date, responsible consultant team member; (7) details on work plan with a table comprised of activities and their description; (8) analysis plan explained in a table consisted of type of analysis and its utilization; the table should be explained in narrative for actions to reduce potential bias (9) consultant deliverables and (10) annex for all tools developed and agreed.

ii. Develop evaluation instrument. The instruments must include measurement tools both for quantitative and qualitative methodologies. For quantitative methodology, the selected consultant must develop and finalize survey questionnaires. This process will be done in close consultation with AmCross and the PRC. The draft questionnaires must be tested and finalized as part of Annexes in Inception Report. Meanwhile, for qualitative methodology, the selected consultant must develop guiding questions and other relevant qualitative measurement tools to accommodate the survey findings as well as for completing the Disaster Ready Community Checklist.

iii. Coordinate the utilization of mobile data application. Once the questionnaire is finalized, the selected consultant must develop questionnaire in the agreed mobile data platform. Enumerators will be provided by the PRC. The consultant(s) should coordinate and bridge communication with the PRC for survey and any other data collection at field.

iv. Develop data quality control measures to the data entry. The selected consultant(s) must propose quality control methods to ensure the high quality of data collection and data inputs (i.e., field check, double checking for data entry, procedure for data cleaning).

v. Train data collection team. The selected consultant(s) must prepare training materials, such as survey background, methodology and sampling design, questionnaire, introduction of ethical guidelines, mobile phone utilizations, and field practices. The consultant(s) will also need to facilitate the trainings for enumerators (PRC staff or volunteers at field level).

vi. Lead and coordinate data collection. Coordinate closely with Red Cross team, particularly the PRC to selecting the enumerators and field supervisors and design and oversight of listing operations of the survey. The enumerators criteria will be discussed during initial briefing. The consultant(s) must conduct and oversight of data collection at field, evaluate data collection in daily basis and provide daily progress report to the AmCross team, including faced issues at field and actions taken to address the issues. The selected consultant(s) must coordinate and work with PRC for any data collection at field.

vii. Perform data management, quality assurance, and data analysis. The consultant(s) must be able to ensure the quality of data collected (both primary and secondary data) and perform data verification and triangulation for internal validity. The consultant(s) will provide data transcript to AmCross and is expected to provide weekly progress based on the agreed evaluation work plan.

viii. Perform Data Safeguarding Protocol. The selected consultant(s) must provide a reliable system in place for backing-up their data and draft reports. The consultant(s) must specify what measures they will use to the AmCross prior to beginning their assignment under this TOR.

ix. Write and present Baseline Study Report to the Red Cross team, and/or other stakeholders as relevant. **

You may find the Terms of Reference for the External Consultant through this link:

How to apply

Please submit your proposal application in English not later than 15 August 2021 to ( In the subject line, please include your full name along with the following words “Greening RC– Baseline Study 2021,” and please label your CV, proposal, and writing sample with your name and document type in the file names. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and contacted for an interview. Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be considered.

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