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The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), one of the world’s leading humanitarian NGOs, assists refugees and internally displaced persons across the globe: we provide emergency aid and facilitate access to rights.

DRC has been operating in Turkey since 2013, running a combination of emergency, livelihoods, and protection programs to ensure better local integration of Syrian refugee populations as one part of a genuinely durable solution to displacement.

DRC’s vision for economic recovery programming is that all conflict- and displacement-affected households are able to achieve economic well-being, self-reliance, and resilience to shocks as part of finding a durable solution to displacement. In Turkey, DRC supports the economic recovery and livelihoods of Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and other vulnerable refugees and affected host communities by strengthening the employability of individuals through market-based skills training and linkages to wage employment opportunities as well as supporting start-ups of micro, small enterprises.

The context for the work

The Consultancy

DRC recognizes the important role that the private sector plays in long-term response. As a market actor, the private sector can contribute to both emergency response and preparedness at many levels and can offer innovative solutions for medium to long-term recovery. In Turkey, private sectors have played a central role in supporting numerous social institutions, like hospitals, schools, and non-profit organizations. Faced with the changing context in which private sectors operate, businesses are now taking a more active role in advancing various social causes, and social programs. Despite the uneven development patterns affecting economic structures caused by the protracted displacement problems, there are still good private sector engagement opportunities in Turkey. For example, Turkey has a large market has the presence of major international corporations in addition to vibrant domestic private sectors. Moreover, there is also a growing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) carried out either through institutions or non-governmental organizations. CSR activities are more often implemented in the following areas: market, natural environment, society, employees. However, in the last decades, more businessmen have been actively involved in efforts for the eradication of social problems.

DRC Turkey plans to strengthen its private sector engagement by facilitating the development of business models where businesses can have their own shared value – helping meet humanitarian needs and reduce vulnerability to future shocks but at the same time receiving the commercial benefits (increase productivity, income, expand business). DRC Turkey will also engage the private sectors in influencing policy decisions that affect the economic recovery of the affected displaced households, communities, and markets. Through the shared-value partnership, DRC and the private sector partners will have a deeper engagement leading to mutual benefit and shared partnership.

DRC Turkey is therefore seeking an external consultant who will identify key market players in Istanbul as well as Southeast Turkey, seek to understand market perceptions, and establish initial engagement with the private sector.

Scope of Work

The Consultant will conduct a mapping to identify private sector actors who can be potential donors (directly giving financial or in-kind support), or potential implementing partners to create more employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for our beneficiaries. It is important that the Consultant must have networks and an understanding of the private sector landscape in Turkey. Based on the results of the consultations and mapping exercise, the Consultant will develop a private sector engagement strategy for DRC Turkey, which will support and inform ongoing engagement with the private sector.

Components and Deliverables of the Assignment

1) Inception Report

Prepare an Inception Report to set out a detailed approach and methodology for mapping and engaging the private sector. The Inception Report will explain how key players will be identified and prioritized, how insights on businesses’ perceptions will be diagnosed, how new and existing relationships will be tracked, how actions will be pro-actively followed up, and how the Consultant will work with DRC.

As part of the preparation of the Inception Report, prepare an initial market and sector analysis to identify where relationships can be quickly established.

2) Mapping Exercise – deliverables include the following:

a) Mapping Plan

b) Mapping Tools

c) Written Report on the findings (including business matrix and proposed potential partnerships)

Detailed mapping of the private sector in the project implementation areas. The Consultancy should seek to utilize contacts at senior levels with investors, blue-chip firms, and industry bodies in relevant sectors in Istanbul and in Southeast Turkey during the mapping exercise. The mapping exercise aims to:

a) identify sectors and enterprises with high potential for outreach and cooperation for DRC’s current/future economic recovery programs;

b) identify businesses currently supporting refugees/vulnerable host communities in Turkey;

c) identify companies currently practicing CSR and whose CSR focus aligns with DRC Turkey programs;

d) identify potential corporate donors – reach out to development investors, commercial investors, and blue chips firms and map those most likely to invest in economic recovery programs in Turkey considering quick win and longer term opportunities; and,

e) identify new opportunities to cultivate high-value partnerships with the private sector.

The consultant must submit to DRC the mapping plan and tools to be used prior to the mapping exercise.

Submit a written report (max of 35 pages) consolidating work performed including gap analysis of the findings of the mapping exercise, information gathered, and analysis of outcomes (focusing on how DRC will operationalize private sector engagement). As part of the report, the following must be included either as an Annex or as part of the report:

a) Develop a matrix of corporations by business sector and expertise, who can support DRC’s economic recovery programming through their or as part of their CSR.

b) Propose potential partnerships (example shared-value partnership) for each business/corporation identified during the mapping who have past or current projects for refugees or has the potential to support projects (either financially or in-kind) relevant to displaced communities.

3) Private Sector Partnership Engagement Strategy

Develop a viable private sector engagement strategy based on the mapping and gap analysis.

The strategy will include:

a) key “selling points” for engagement including investment cases for the Private Sector;

b) communication mechanisms for engagement including activities that facilitate discussion between the private sector and project implementers; and,

c) concise checklist of activities that businesses can support.

The strategy must not exceed 35 pages (exclusive of Annexes)

The final products will be reviewed for quality. DRC will have a maximum of three (3) reviews/revision processes for each deliverable/tool submitted before the service provider’s finalization and usage. All deliverables will be submitted in English. DRC Turkey Country Office has sole ownership of all the final data and documents.

Duration & Payment

The assignment is expected to be three months, from approximately the 1st week of September to the 3rd week of November 2021. The consultant will submit a detailed work plan including a timeline for the achievement of the various tasks involved in the consultancy and the delivery of the expected outputs, as well as a price proposal that is inclusive of all costs.

DRC will issue the contract in EUR or TRY. In case the contract has been requested to be signed in EUR with local suppliers, the invoice must be issued in TRY according to the exchange rate published on the date of the invoice.

The payments will be made in two installments as follows:

1) 30% of contract value upon delivery and acceptance of the inception report and mapping plan and tools,

2) 70% of contract value upon delivery and acceptance of all remaining deliverables. Final payment will be made upon submission of satisfactory deliverables.

Consultants Profile

Key requirements

The consultants or consultancy company should be able to demonstrate the following qualifications.

General qualifications

· Extensive experience and engagement with private sectors particularly the business sectors.

· Advanced skills in research design and methods, including data collection, analysis, and mapping techniques

· Experience developing operational recommendations and identifying best practices for private sector engagement

· Knowledge of the local business environment/context and have networks and understanding of the private sector landscape particularly in Istanbul and Southeast Turkey

· Familiarity with and access to businesses/corporations/chambers of commerce preferably with strong contacts at senior levels with investors, blue-chip firms, and industry bodies in relevant sectors

· Previous high-profile work experience of attracting private sector investment in emerging markets and Turkey

· Good understanding of displacement issues and the humanitarian programs to support refugee populations

· Excellent communication, facilitation, and interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity

· One of the consultants at a minimum should have a Master’s degree or above in development or humanitarian studies, political science, economics, or other relevant fields

· Excellent writing skills in English and fluent in Turkish

· Currently residing in Turkey

Documents to be submitted

  1. DRC Annexes: Supplier Registration form, Supplier Code of Conduct, and General Condition of Contract
  2. A Technical proposal outlining how the consultant will undertake the proposed activities, including:

• A proposed methodology for the consultancy

• Proposed Workplan

• CVs of the consultant(s)

  1. A financial proposal inclusive of all associated costs, including any travel and logistical expenses if needed
  2. Two examples of similar work completed in past
  3. Two written references related to relevant work previously conducted by the consultant/firm’s staff.

How to apply

Please click here to reach all the tender documents including Annex A.1 Terms of References.

RFP Issuing Date: 04 August 2021

RFP Closure Date: 19 August 2021 12:00 pm Turkey Time

Complete Tender Documents may be also obtained by e-mail from

Please mention in the subject line as

*RFQ-TUR-003666 & Private Sector Mapping & Development of Private Sector Engagement Strategy

Questions can be addressed to the above email until 18-08-2021 15:00 pm Turkish Time

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