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The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance — The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization with a mission to advance democracy worldwide, as a universal human aspiration and an enabler of sustainable development, through support to the building, strengthening and safeguarding of democratic political institutions and processes at all levels.
We believe that democracy is a universal human aspiration and an experience that is pursued and lived in different ways around the world. Beyond the basic tenets of citizens’ choice and citizens’ political equality, the critical choices are best made and the quality of democracy is best gauged by those directly concerned: the citizens themselves. We systematically nurture an open and pluralistic understanding of democracy. This is respectful of the national context, and is in line with our non-prescriptive and non-intrusive approach, as well as with the priorities set by national actors.
International IDEA produces, shares and enables the use of comparative knowledge in its key areas of expertise: electoral processes, constitution building processes, political participation and representation, as well as on democracy as it relates to gender and inclusion, conflict sensitivity and sustainable development.
It has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and offices in the Africa and West Asia, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe regions. International IDEA is a Permanent Observer to the United Nations.


Following the fall of the government of Omar el Bashir on the back of sustained mass protests for change after decades of authoritarian rule, a transitional government negotiated by the military and representatives of the protesting mass of citizens was established in the country in 2019. The primary goal of the transitional government is to oversee a three-year process of reforms that should culminate in a new constitution and the election of a new government. Within the ambit of the implementation of the Political Declaration and the Constitutional Agreement and the subsequent Declaration of Freedom and Change signed between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), International IDEA is taking a frontline role in providing technical support to the government on the implementation of the transition programme and process.

The support International IDEA is providing to the Sudan transition is multifaceted and includes elements of constitution-building, electoral system reform, political party reforms, women’s political participation, youth empowerment, and parliamentary support.

With expertise in electoral assistance, the Senior Programme Officer will have extensive experience in working with election reform processes and the provision of unique knowledge resources and tools, providing technical and advisory assistance to stakeholders. S/he will function as part of a resident country team and take responsibility for overseeing the spectrum of work with various stakeholders in government, civil society, the academy/think tanks on the electoral system and process reforms during the transition in the Sudan.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supports the implementation of International IDEA’s electoral support in the Sudan through direct engagement with various key stakeholders;
  • Analyses the electoral framework, provides comparative research on best practices and provides recommendations for electoral reform based on international standards;
  • Provides a diagnostic on the current procedures and drafts recommendations to improve the electoral system and process;
  • Develops a strategy to strengthen credibility of and confidence in the electoral institution and national electoral processes, as well as support its implementation;
  • Liaises and works programmatically with relevant local, national and intergovernmental bodies;
  • Commissions and produces policy papers and briefs to inform choice and decision making related to the reform of the electoral system;
  • Contributes to the production of relevant knowledge materials on the electoral reform process of the Sudan;
  • Contributes to the organization of policy dialogue sessions between election commission and key stakeholders in the national electoral system and process;
  • Provides technical assistance and advisory services to the election commission for the design, revamping, and strengthening of the national electoral system and associated processes;
  • Organizes training, capacity-building, and refresher programmes for key staff of the national election commission as required and, as appropriate, using International IDEA tools and knowledge resources;
  • Facilitates capacity-building and training opportunities to key actors in civil society, the media, and political parties on electoral systems and processes;
  • Supports civic and voter education on electoral matters targeted at Sudanese citizens across the length and breadth of the country;
  • Promotes the full involvement of women and the youth in the electoral process;
  • Promotes the mission, vision and activities of the project for supporting credibility in electoral institutions and processes while strengthening the engagement between citizens and their democracy;
  • Promotes experiences and best practice at the regional and global levels through the organization of seminars, workshops, conferences and technical assistance missions;
  • Nurtures relations with key funding partners in the domain of electoral support and forging partnerships with like-minded local and institutional organizations;
  • Produces activity reports in a timely manner and in accordance with the results reporting standards of the Institute.
  • Contributes to the development of communications material, produces reports, and develops content for social media;

General Profile

  • Combines in-depth knowledge, excellent skills including managerial skills and relevant experience in their field;
  • Leads projects and activities to achieve milestones and objectives;
  • Leads assigned projects with authority throughout the project life cycle, i.e. from strategic planning and project design, funding and budgeting to project assessment and accountability; leads meetings and discussions, oversees publications and input from external providers;
  • Acts as a model and mentor for colleagues;
  • Follows internal procedures to ensure high standards of performance and compliance with Institutional guidelines;
  • Anticipates internal challenges and issues and recommends process improvements;
  • Acts in accordance with International IDEA’ s core values: Respect, Integrity and Professionalism;
  • Integrates a gender and diversity perspective in all activities.

Reporting Line

  • Head of Programme, Sudan.

Programmatic Knowledge

  • Has excellent knowledge and extensive work experience in electoral assistance and advice, combined with excellent understanding of related disciplines in order to approach programmatic activities in a holistic manner.

Operational Knowledge, skills and experience

  • Has operational knowledge, skills and experience
  • Electoral assistance expertise, specifically within election administration, election law reform and election credibility;
  • Solid experience in an advisory role to Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs);
  • Integrates a results-based approach into the design, management and evaluation of all his/her programmatic activities;
  • Has thorough understanding of relevant programmatic issues in the key geographical zone where his/her work is implemented;
  • Illustrates integrity, a collaborative spirit, a sense of achievement, and an understanding of risk management;
  • Understands and manages the budget and planning of his/her project(s).


  • Some people management responsibility over permanent staff is expected;
  • Manages resources in projects of considerable complexity;
  • Acts as a model and resource for colleagues.

Problem Solving

  • Will solve complex challenges, approach issues with new perspectives, and analyze situations from a multitude of intervening factors.


  • Has a clear impact on the Programme development and delivery;

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Liaises permanently to all internal and external stakeholders involved in his/her project; acts and is perceived as an initiator of relevant communication to solve issues;
  • Drives projects and assignments through communicative personal energy and engagement;
  • Can explain sensitive information with diplomacy, and build consensus;
  • Is able to present his/her activities and represent International IDEA effectively in all professional circles.
  • Fluency in written and oral English is required. Fluency in Arabic, written and spoken is also required. Any other widely spoken language in an International IDEA priority region (Spanish, French) is desirable.

Education and Experience

  • University degree in International Law, International Relations, Political Science, Peace and Development, Public Administration, Social Sciences or a related discipline;
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of relevant professional experience in the implementation of programmes in the field of electoral support, specifically experience working with Election Management Bodies, electoral risk management, election law reform, stakeholder relations and the provision of expert advice in the field of elections;
  • A minimum of 5 years’ solid experience in project management is required;
  • Experience in the Africa West Asia region is required;
  • Knowledge of electoral systems and processes and electoral assistance is essential;

Terms of Contract:

  • International post
  • Two (2) year fixed term appointment.
  • Salary: EUR 5 830 NET plus benefits.

Applying for this position:

  • Applications should be submitted online no later than 23:59 (CEST) 15 June 2021. Please note that all applications must be made in English.
  • You may apply directly by pressing the Send Application link.

International IDEA is an equal opportunity employer which seeks to further diversify its staff in terms of gender, culture and nationality.

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