Skills Development for Women and Girls in Ma’an and Zarqa Governorates At National Association for Family Empowerment

1. Background

The National Association for Family Empowerment (NAFE) was established in 2011 as a non-profit civil society organization and is registered with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) in Jordan.

The overall mission of the organization is to improve socio-economic situation of vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially women and youth including refugees, and facilitate their inclusion in economic, social and political activities, so they can live in dignity and practice human rights, especially the right to education, the right to work, and the right to participate in local-decision making processes.

NAFE project in which this consultancy is related to; aims to strengthen livelihoods of vulnerable Syrian and Jordanian women and girls in Ma’an and Zarqa governorates and engage them in the recovery process. Through strengthen capacities of women and girls to play a broader role in combating protection risks and effectively engaging in community civil peace and tolerance, prevention of conflict, and increase their participation in national efforts towards reducing tension and violent extremism, therefore, brings broader benefits to refugee and host communities.

The purpose of this Terms of Reference is to identify qualified individuals for the design and delivery of capacity building training workshops for 300 women and girls to be able to pursue employment and self-employment opportunities in Ma’an and Zarqa Governorates. The identified consultants/s will take the responsibility for all requirements of training component under supervision of NAFE Capacity Building and Advocacy Officer to ensure that all requirements are built based on the objectives and action plan of the project. Moreover, the training component includes designing training materials, Pre and post assessments of each training workshop, clear agenda, outline, and preparation of handouts including printing and photocopying.

2. Objective of the capacity building

· Enhance small business development skills for 300 women and girls in Ma’an and Zarqa Governorates

· Enhance employment skills for 300 women and girls in Ma’an and Zarqa governorates

· Enhance soft skills and legal awareness information of 300 women and girls on laws and regulation governing employment and self-employment

3. Deliverables

· 50 training sessions for women and girls (3 days each sessions/6 hours) are conducted for 300 women and girls.

· Preparation of training materials and handouts is undertaken as per the proposed topics including printing and photocopying

· Design of training workshops, outline and agenda to cover the training topics

· Conduct Pre and post assessments including satisfaction assessment for participants in each workshop.

· Ensure attendees lists are well maintained for each workshop.

4. Training details and outline will be as following:

NAFE will Conduct 50 training sessions (each session to last three days / 6 hours per day / 15 participant per session). As per the below outline targeting 300 women and girls in two locations (Zarqa and Ma’an).

Training Outline:

  1. Financial literacy

· The concept of financial planning and family financial planning.

· Managing personal funds and building an estimated budget.

· Money, savings and savings rules.

· Types of financial planning and deal with loans.

· Financial risk and crisis management skills.

  1. Employability skills

· Job searching skills.

· Resume writing skills

· Successful passing of interview

· Working ethics

· labor law and social security regulations

· Regulations governing Syrian work including work permits requirements and professions to be engaged in.

  1. Life skills

· Professional communication skills.

· Time management and problem solving skills.

· Negotiation skills and building self-confidence

· Related legal awareness skills

  1. Business management

· Entrepreneurial and small business development skills.

· Business planning

· Production and packaging

· Marketing and market skills including digital marketing.

· Simple feasibility skills (revenues, expenditures and profit)

· Sales and pricing

5. Other Arrangements

· The consultant must demonstrate full commitment to all applicable governmental instructions and regulations related to COVID19 during conduction all trainings sessions (number of attendees, masks, physical destination and providing hygiene kits).

· Undertake the responsibility of training implementation under the direct supervision of Project Manager Include preparation of training, materials and conducting of training

· Report needed data from the filed such as, attendees’ data, number of implemented and planned sessions.

· Consider and follow NAFE policies in protection and safeguarding.

· Consider NAFE code of conduct.

6. Costs

· The trainer/s should provide the fees of each training day inclusive all costs

· Payments will be calculated based on each training day.

7. NAFE staff responsibilities

· Responsible for contacting trainees and arrangement with CBO’s.

· Manage field work flow.

· Directly supervise trainers.

· Responsible for all payments in the field.

· Assessments and data analysis.

8. Qualifications

· Advanced degree in a relevant discipline, including gender, Women Empowerment and youth development.

· Specialized trainer in related training areas.

· At least 5 years of professional experience in implementing trainings in related fields.

· Have prior experience in designing and delivering presentations and trainings.

· Demonstrated knowledge and experience with networks in the women empowerment, gender and vulnerable development fields.

· Proven communication and facilitation skills with varied audiences.

· Strong written and oral communication skills in English and Arabic languages.

· TOT is an asset.

· Ability to work with opposite gender.

How to apply

1. The bidding process

· Only qualified individual/s are eligible to submit technical and financial offers.

· (Technical offers should explain in detail proposed outlines of work, previous experience and CVs of trainer/s who will conduct the work. Please note that the proposed date to start training workshops’ implementation is in one week after signing the contract and based on working days). Financial offers should explain in detail the fees for each training day in Jordanian Dinar).

· Please submit offers by sealed envelop to the National Association for Family Empowerment by hand. The deadline is on Sunday 7 July 2021. The address is Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Al-Muntazah Circle, Qadri Touqan Street, Building # 4, First Floor. Phone number is 06 4615930

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